Is it too much?

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2021.10.21 11:31 Cheesyman7269 Is it too much?

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2021.10.21 11:31 4423409701 Beautiful

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2021.10.21 11:31 _B2W_ My twix had no caramel :(

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2021.10.21 11:31 SleepyMarijuanaut92 MRW I'm Rick James

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2021.10.21 11:31 ursogae What are your experience using OkCupid?

So far I sent between 10-20 intros and only one person actually went out of their way to respond back lol. Pretty depressing how most of the intros you send ppl won't respond back, but i'm glad I'm still talking to that person. I think we are planning to meet irl soon. Hopefully it goes well.
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2021.10.21 11:31 LonelyAspect3280 What you folks think diy wooden tray to matches the wolkenkraft mini I clear coated the leaves on 🤫my partner does not appreciate it 🤔

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2021.10.21 11:31 Blitz_Prime I feel like Hasbro had a missed opportunity by making a "G1 Bulkhead" by taking the Animated design and just straightening it out. Might have been far less divisive like the current one is across social media.

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2021.10.21 11:31 Weed_McCreed Fuckin guy lost the title.

I'm getting my grandma's car. Its currently in a relatives name, registered to Connecticut (I'm in Ohio). He's driving the car down today. It would be perfect timing. My car's about to die any day now, my insurance needs renewed at the end of this month. Perfect time to get rid of mine and switch the insurance to my grandma's car.
Unfortunately this is too good to be true. Get a text from the relative and the fucking dude lost the fuckin title. Fuck.
Luckily he already put in for a new title before he left. So the car will be brought to my grandma's house and I just have to wait for the title with the transfer of ownership portion filled out to be mailed to me.
I know I maybe have no right to be annoyed because it is indeed a free car. And I'm certainly grateful. But I am annoyed. This hiccup changes a dream situation into something that going to be a headache now.
Worst part is this guy is like a financial dude. How could he not be able to hold onto a document, he should be great at that. Like how come he loses this title when I, a complete fuck up (not really) still knows where mine is lol.
Oh well. Shout out to grandma for this car (it's technically still hers, only in this guy's name because his son was using it and he wanted the insurance in his name)
At least the ball is rolling. Still annoying.
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2021.10.21 11:31 Blake_Sheltie Finally, after four long months!

I placed an order the morning the Maverick was revealed. My dealer took a little over a week to actually submit the order unfortunately. Exact date was June 14th, I believe.
Area 51 Lariat FE 2.0 Ecoboost w/4K Tow.
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2021.10.21 11:31 VanessaSaurusRex Coat/Shoe Donation

Looking for a place to donate coats and shoes for Women / Refugees. Any local places you all know of?
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2021.10.21 11:31 EnergyAndPersistence Demand For New Brunswick's Retail Cannabis Licenses Exceeds Supply

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2021.10.21 11:31 ContentForager VILDHJARTA - måsstaden under vatten (full album premiere) (/r/progmetal)

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2021.10.21 11:31 SenshiDesu [For Hire] Character artist and illustrator. Fullbody and portrait drawings for human and anthro characters.

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2021.10.21 11:31 Graetz123 Thank you all so much!!

I am relatively new to Taoism. I can’t remember your name but one of you guys recommended this subreddit to me from another subreddit as your beliefs and outlook on the universe held some similarities with mine and coming here was the best decision of my life.
I am a young Australian fella who I can now easily say was depressed and anxious constantly. I broke up with the love of my life because I thought too much about our future and all the things that could go wrong. You see, my family is catholic and hers is Muslim so her parents really did not like me which broke my heart. Because I cared too much about how hard they could make life for me, I broke up with her and she said that maybe one day we would find eachother again and it would work out.
Anyways, I got into this subreddit, observed all of your beliefs and mindsets and I fell in love. I read some books (just nearly finished reading The Watercourse Way!) and my life has been changed. Everyday I wake up and live exclusively in the moment and allow the day to take me for a joyride which always seems to work out. I work on a dairy farm (many would consider a shit job) which I get to see the sunset from and I’ve made a fun little game for myself to choose a particular colour pigment (tonight was gold) in my head and then try to find every place in my sight that contained that colour which honestly makes me feel more in the moment than I have ever been.
Anyways, as my mother has always been extremely catholic, I was scared to tell her that I had adopted this eastern concept into my life. As it turns out however, once I explained how I felt about it and how I didn’t really believe in Catholicism anymore, she revealed to me that she has gone through the exact same thing and started practicing Buddhism!!! HAHA
Now we both laugh because we were both pretending to believe in a religion for the sake of eachother.
So anyways, just wanted to say thank you everyone for helping me on my journey and if you have any more book recommendations PLEASE let me know!!
Sorry for rambling!
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2021.10.21 11:31 Insecure_Teenn I royally fucked up and I really need help to fix it please.

Background we were best friend's for roughly two years and then shit happened that caused us to be apart. But we kept talking during that time , and recently we decided we both wanted a long distance relationship with each other , she knew I loved her from day one of meeting her . Me crushing on her was rather obvious, I would always stick close to her , I would do anything for her. In essence if you wanna be crude , I was heavily simping for her. But I always denied liking her, because she always said she never wanted a relationship.
Fast forward to a month ago , we're talking and things get pretty deep , and she confesses that she also has feelings for me , so that's how our long distance relationship started. She's lovely, she kind , she's childish, she's cute , she's sexy , she's beautiful. She's prefect I love her so much and I can't see a future without her.
Before getting to the actual problem I'd like to give some of my personal history , so I'm short , like really short that and being annoying is what people point out as my stand out features. I'm also an introvert, I don't talk to much people , I basically have zero friends aside from my partner. ( she said she wanted a relationship, but until we met irl we were partners only once we met I'd officially be her boyfriend and she my girlfriend ) I have zero control over my emotions I'm usually ruled by them and I have no middle ground with emotions, it's either none existent or overly intense.
So now the problem , the fuck up , two days ago we had a massive fight. She agreed to go out with a group of friends from primary school. I think the group was 4 boys 2 girls total. One of the boys let's call him TR , I really don't like him , he did things to my partner that I can't forgive well not did but said somethings. So when she agreed to go out with this group I got unreasonably angry , I told her she betrayed me , and that agreeing to go was worst than cheating and I don't think I could forgive her. She had also I think lied about the girls to boys ratio to her mom , so that just got me more angry. I basically got so worked up and angry I ended our short relationship. But she was crying , she was begging me not to end it , but my anger was blinding me. She said she didn't see it as hanging out with TR but meeting up with old friends, I believe her I know that's true. But when I was blinded by my anger I didn't listen to her. We went from 11pm to 2 am because she was a crying mess and that was just breaking me but my anger kept me from empathizing with her.
The day after , so yesterday, I woke up and realized what a big mistake i made , I really didn't mean any of it , I still love her she hadn't betrayed me. I tried to apologize to her , she took the apology , but she says she's doubting our future together. She agreed to give me another chance , but she cold and distant , and says she wants to focus on school now , ( before I made it clear school would be a priority above our relationship so this made very little sense to me ) , and she doesn't trust me.
Can anyone tell me how they control their anger , how can I regain her trust ( space and time are options , but not ideal because she has repeatedly told me she likes when I give her all my attention ) , how do I start fix this , I still love her. She's still the same girl I fell in love with I don't wanna lose her. Please .
The only thing that isn't an option for me is therapy , due to financial, and health reasons .
I really need help , so I'm gonna post this on a couple sub-reddits . Thanks for reading. I really appreciate any help anyone can give.
Tldr; I overreacted to my partner going out with a group of friends and now our relationship is in jeopardy.
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2021.10.21 11:31 drywaterquenches Is anyone else’s Jschlatt plush stuck in Long Beach ocean port?

It’s been there since September 30th and I’m getting pretty worried. I know there is a backup but it usually lasts around a week
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2021.10.21 11:31 The_Geilt God is a circle.

He is his own Father, his own Spirit, and Himself.
This is not a difficult concept to comprehend.
Not at all.
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2021.10.21 11:31 Wondering_Fairy How Can I Type My Friend?

My friend is a catatonic schizophrenic and he hardly ever moves and nearly never talks. He is extremely introverted and lost in his own world. Is there a way to type him or is it impossible?
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2021.10.21 11:31 jassyj997 Giratina Raid, add 7635 2339 3697 and 6503 5807 9066

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2021.10.21 11:31 borklaserf5 How long are the shows?

This is for anyone his been to one of the recent shows on the tour. How long have the shows been lasting from start to finish?
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2021.10.21 11:31 matO_oppreal Ho fatto un macello

Buon pomeriggio, qualcuno si ricorda o sa come posso risolvere questa cosa? Praticamente stavo provando a far girare ClassiCube G3 su Mac OS X 10.1 ma mi diceva che non riusciva ad avviarlo e per farlo di selezionare un’applicazione. Io ho selezionato Script editor e ora ogni singola applicazione che apro si avvia Script editor. L’unico modo per aprire le app normalmente è di rimuovere script editor. C’è un modo per esempio di resettare questa cosa?
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2021.10.21 11:31 Neonightmares Miki Cuddles 🥰

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2021.10.21 11:31 ahack12 Set times for tonight at Red Rocks?

Email I just got from RR says doors at 5:30, show at 6:30… So Olan from 6:30-7:45, gardenstate from 7:45-9:00, A&B 9:00-Close?
Also, I’ve never been to RR before… are lines bad. I’ll be Lyfting from my hotel in Golden… is that reasonable?
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2021.10.21 11:31 BennosukeMusashi WAGMI!

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2021.10.21 11:31 cecil353912 OLD SCHOOL \\ Command & Conquer!!

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