How concerned should I be when buying an analog synthesizer?

2021.10.21 11:50 -AlkalineWater- How concerned should I be when buying an analog synthesizer?

I’ve seen some horror stories on here about the consequences of choosing analog synthesis (having to retune during gigs, fighting the synth to do what you want, etc.), do I need to be concerned about these issues when buying analog? What are the consequences and how often do these horror stories actually happen?
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2021.10.21 11:50 TheOutcast06 Halloween Yandere 21: Certified Seija Moment

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2021.10.21 11:50 mj_1993 If you had the power to clone one person in this world, who would that be?

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2021.10.21 11:50 Mis-Information Is this sub about an insurance company?

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2021.10.21 11:50 realbadbleep סאס_במ

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2021.10.21 11:50 bot_neen Mueren 2 menores en Oaxaca tras realizar reto viral de Tik Tok

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2021.10.21 11:50 cavemankettlebells Reddit Kettlebell Clean and Press

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2021.10.21 11:50 magdy-abdelsalam-67 Commander of the Egyptian Navy: Our naval forces are able to ensure regional maritime security and carry out all tasks efficiently

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2021.10.21 11:50 throwawaymyhearts Why do women care about the number of friends the guy they're dating (or potentially would date) has?

I'm a shy guy and if I mention that I only really have one friend (that I barely talk to) on a date with a girl it doesn't usually go down well. I don't think I'm a bad person, I just prefer doing things on my own or one on one because in groups I usually don't have a lot to say and when I do the conversation will change before I can say anything. This makes some people uneasy too when I don't talk enough so it's better for everyone if I mostly keep to myself or only hang out one on one. I read some people think 'loners' are mean or bad people so I wanted to explain I'm not.
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2021.10.21 11:50 Toe_Powerful Everytime I try to join a 10 v 10 match, it kicks me out.

Ok so I've been trying for the last 10 minutes joining a 10 vs 10 match. Is anyone else experiencing the same? Is it the servers? This is the first time this has ever happened to me. I can play any other mode just fine BUT this one. Not sure sure happening.....
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2021.10.21 11:49 Remarkable-Letter-23 Hearts of Minecraft: Ouro Kronii - Φ Boshin (a Hoi4 mod)

Hearts of Minecraft: Ouro Kronii - Φ Boshin (a Hoi4 mod) You should try out this mod if you have Hoi4 I know I am.
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2021.10.21 11:49 DipDivers ❗Your chance to be early in a huge project! Links in comments👇

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2021.10.21 11:49 Lightsaber2005 What's a not so fun fact?

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2021.10.21 11:49 Stevex334 Something's wrong, I can feel it

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2021.10.21 11:49 LarryManning85 rei ayanami

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2021.10.21 11:49 Fizzgig000 Thoughts on BLOK. I'm a stupid bagholder.

I've been bagholding BLOK for 250 days. I bought in around $53 and am finally back around my break even point. I bought in because it seemed to be a better and more stable play than proper creepto plays. Then chip shortage (which isn't going away anytime soon). It's been trading sideways for months. Thinking of dropping it and reinvesting. I don't have a lot in it (about 1k) and I'm not a big spender in the market. Thoughts? Opinions?
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2021.10.21 11:49 Complex_Ear_2789 DRS

Hello, not enough karma to ask on main. Is there anyway we can find out how many shares have been DRS’d?
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2021.10.21 11:49 Supergato664 Is it weird to mix coffee with tea or chocolate powder?

I know this is probably going to trigger some people but sometimes I do this and I like it: I normally drink coffee with hot water, instant coffee, sugar, and some milk.
But sometimes I like to drink something a little bit different so I either replace sugar with chocolate powder or add a bag of tea to my normal coffee.
My mom thinks this is very weird but my dad sometimes does the same thing with the chocolate powder so he's ok with it.
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2021.10.21 11:49 Deaf-Hyena The mods in r/standupcomedy just posted this, and disabled and remove all comments and/threads regarding it

“Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan's opinions do NOT make this subreddit a safe space for anti-trans bigotry or anti-vax propaganda. On this subreddit: vaccines work, and trans rights are human rights. Period.
If there's a comedian who disagrees with these issues, they're welcome to joke about them onstage, and welcome to post that material here.
This tolerance DOES NOT extend to anonymous commenters on this subreddit.
Expect anti-vax and TERF bullshit to be removed, and for complaints about that removal to be ignored.
If this policy is too intolerant for you, JoeRogan and DaveChappelle are safer spaces.
Comments for this post are locked and reports disabled. This isn't up for debate, and no amount of downvotes will change that.”
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2021.10.21 11:49 Peezer3 Pump it into my veins

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2021.10.21 11:49 WorldlyBed2949 Watch this interview and tell me she not tripping

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2021.10.21 11:49 Dumbus_Alberdore I AM....THE EMOTIONLESS PRINCE!

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2021.10.21 11:49 MaxCastillo7 My school takes covid very seriously

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2021.10.21 11:49 redditor748289 A letter to my ex

Dear ____,
Where do I even start? The past 1.5 years have been an absolute rollercoaster, from being the weirdest time in my life to also being one of the best. Safe to say, I never knew I’d meet my first love at such unprecedented times.
Thank you for being my first love. I can say this without a doubt. I had no idea what love felt like before meeting you. Thank you for loving me for who I am. Thank you for showing me how to love. Thank you for showing me who you are. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for making lockdown feel comforting. Thank you for being YOU. I am so lucky to have met someone as wonderful as you, someone who loved me for everything I was, someone who made me feel beautiful at my worst state.
I know I haven’t been perfect. I know there’s been lots of times when I could have reacted better, when I could have done more. There always will be. But, I also know I gave you my absolute all. I loved you immensely, I compromised, I cared for you when you weren’t capable of doing the same in return. I pushed you to achieve your goals and thrive, as you did with me. Sadly, I lost myself in trying to fix you, when that was never my responsibility.
Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve done deep self-reflection. Truth to be told, since my childhood, I was never confident in myself. Then, I met you. I felt like the most beautiful girl in the world. Until my past trauma overtook again. And the cycle restarted.
Since the breakup, with the help of a professional, I’ve finally started to find self-love again. I feel like I’ve grown more in the last 2 weeks than I have in the entire year. I can now see myself as who I really am – a strong, independent, hard-working, caring, and beautiful woman. I’ve never appreciated and valued myself as much as I do now. As much as the breakup hurt, it allowed me to find myself again .
Love is a choice. No relationship is perfect. Love shouldn’t be hard, but it takes work. It takes patience, it takes compromise, it takes respect, it takes communication, and it takes honesty. The honeymoon phase doesn't last forever, love is something you cultivate. Personal issues exist with or without a relationship. When you start a relationship, your problems don’t magically disappear. Yes, you have a person by your side who makes you happy, but they shouldn’t be your EVERYTHING. You should enjoy what life offers you regardless.
You said you loved me. So why did you let me go so easily? Why didn’t you fight for me? I wish you saw how much I cared for you. How much I would have sacrificed to see you happy. You broke my heart once, and then you broke it again. I wish that you didn’t let go of me so easily. I wish you had shared your feelings earlier. I wish you knew we could go through this together, because I’ve always been by your side, cheering you on. I wish you fought for me.
But what I wish for doesn’t matter. I deserve someone who goes out of their way to make it obvious they want me in their life. I deserve someone who gives me the exact same love I’m willing to offer. I deserve someone who can be there for me even in rough times. I deserve someone who is sure about me.
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2021.10.21 11:49 me239 Yaesu FT-991A 70cm Performance

Hey everyone, I’ve had my FT-991A for awhile now and have loved it for HF and 2m work, but it seems deaf on 70cm. It’s hooked up to a 2m ground plane that’s also resonant on 70cm, but I get nothing from repeaters. Funnily enough, hooking any of my HTs to the same antenna and feed line (including my UV-5R) get great 70cm performance. The only 70cm reception I get is if I talk on my HT right by the radio. Any idea why this would be the case?
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