Cards Games: Part One

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2021.10.21 10:53 LairdOpusFluke Cards Games: Part One

Beware! Here be Spoilers for all manner of things! Most especially Hearts Desire and various antics of The Masters...

The Meeting was drawing on and on. Most of the robed figures hung from the ceiling. All of them in fact, save one. A lone figure sat on a stool playing Patience with a deck of cards as the reedy voices droned above its head. Until-
"If there is no other business?"
The card player gathered up its deck and cleared its throat (it's voice noticibly deeper than that of the others). Auduible groans came from the others on the cavern roof.
"Yes, Cards?"
"Sorry to bore you all but I've had more fun at GHR Board Meetings and this is rather important," the figure began as it rose to its feet. "I have a project in mind and I need it approved. And I do rather need to make sure it goes right first time. Unlike the usual standard of work that goes on around here."
WHAT DOES IT MEAN BY THAT? Fires scribbled furiously on its slate.
"Seriously? You dare ask Me that?" Cards roared furiously. "Let's list them off, shall we? Sphinx Stone hotels! Weapons possessed by serial killers! Giving a Seal to a merchant so they could run up debts in ther Name of The Bazaar! Getting pregnant to a Deviless! (You still owe Me for that train, Spices, don't think I've forgotten!) The small matter of The Fifth City almost being destroyed by a cat! Is it any bl--dy wonder She's trying to make new servants? Who the f--k thought having an unkillable murderer rampaging about was a good way to secure love stories, eh? You know what your problem is? You don't understand people!"
With an effort the figure on the ground calmed itself and stopped shouting, though it did continue to glare upwards.
"And that's not counting anything I don't know. When it comes to what I suspect you lot have done, well. Indeed: well. I might be curious but even I have limits. Let's just say I paid close attention to the Numerology Classes I've been taking once a month and certain numbers are plain not good. And a certain number of candles lit in Far Arbour forced Her Roseatte Splendour to divulge certain information suggesting that-"
"You really should oil that thing or something, Fires. That squeaking cuts right through Me, y'know." Cards produced a foul smelling cigar and blew smoke rings. "Maybe use a wax tablet instead?"
"What is your project, Cards?"
"Apples, old fruit, I knew I could count on you! It's The Marvellous, see? Need to amend the Rules. Nothing drastic. Just that all Players have to be sentient and physically capable of sitting at the Table and any Player can resign their Seat at said Table by stating so in writing to each remaining Player after a Winner has been announced and before a new Tournament has been declared open. Which reminds Me: Pages, old sport, mind coming down here? As you know I can't fly. Yet."
A robed figure detatched itself from the gaggle on the ceiling and drifted elegantly down as Cards produced a small scroll from its own voluminous robes. With a flourish this paper was handed over with a bow.
"I, Mr Cards, past Winner of The Marvellous, hereby abdicate My Seat at The Table of The Marvellous as per the Rules, Regulations, Terms and Conditions of The Marvellous from this moment onwards. I shall not Play The Marvellous nor shall I assume any other identity in order to do so at any future point other than to instruct or demonstrate. My Seat is vacant and I take with Me nothing but My Winnings and Debts. It's all there, Pages. Read it for yourself."
"is this a jokesterish ployable to gather more time to craftufacture yet more statues to yourself, colleague?"
It took Cards a few seconds to translate. "Eh? No, no! I won so I'm resigning. Wouldn't be right to have Me playing again. Especially as I'd win. Master of Chance and Probability and all that malarky. See, The Marvellous needs sprucing up. It's been run the same way since The First City and it's full of loopholes. Technically I could still play. Technically so could Beechwood. If we ever find the little bu--er. Still no sign of him? Ah well. So I want to change the Rules. And, if you're willing, Apples should remain as Arbiter while I go out and recruit new Players. With the new Rules there's two empty seats and maybe more once I get through with handing in My notice to the others."
Pages was dragging its claw over the text anbd suddenly hissed as the paper scroll burst into flames. For a moment sparks hung in the still air of The Bazaar's meeting chamber spelling out a Sigil of The Correspondence: A Witnessed Vow Never To Be Broken.
"Such use of those symbologlyphs is misadvisable, colleague," it squeaked as it licked singed digits with an improbably long tongue.
""Just wanted to make sure it was official, old sport. Here, have a drink on Me as an apology. Made it Myself. Wines and Spices have already tried it. It's a bit special. Try it, and if you do want to resign from The Marvellous just file the paperwork and I can deliver your Resignation to the others alongside My own." Pages took the small glass and carefully drank. In moments it was crying like a lost child.
"Was that really necessary, Cards?"
"Oh , yes, Spices. You bet it was. You have to be certain if you chose to Resign your place at the Table. The Curatorial Cocktail was a clear reminder of why they Play. And why I headed North with Mr Transport. Wasn't having that poor little kid end up like us, that's for sure." Louder, taking in all those gathered, Cards shouted, "The motion has been Proposed! Is it Seconded?"
Screetching like talons across a blackboard echoed around the chamber followed by Fires holding up its slate: SECONDED
"All in favour?" Apples asked. The chamber filled with squeaked assents. "Any opposed?" Pages, taking a scrap of fabric from Veils to wipe its snout, seemed to be about to oppose but instead left the chamber without speaking. "The motion is carried. The Tragedy Procedures will be ammended as shall the Rules of The Marvellous!"
Later, surrounded by ledgers, scrolls and charts detailing the minutiae of The Marvellous, Apples glared at Cards who finally put away their unlit cigar. The whole place was a fire hazard and use of The Correspondence was strictly forbidden.
"That was a cruel thing you did, Cards. To Pages, I mean."
Cards shrugged (a difficult motion to complete in such robes, especially when one's shoulders were a lot lower down than the top of the sleeves. "Not yet a Master" indeed...) "I had to make it clear that I understood exactly what Resignation means. Pages wants to go home. And they're not the only one." An all too human sigh came from under the cowl. "This is the best tool we have to extract those love stories but so far it's been neglected as an afterthought. But not anymore. I plan to go out there and get the best Players for the Tournament that are available. There's only two Cities left, Apples. I don't know about you but as long as there's a chance of surviving The Judgement's judgement I'm willing to roll the dice. I got a glimpse of The High Wilderness and what being a Curator actually means and, by jingo, I'm going for it! And I will use everything I've learned from The Counter-Church to ensure I get it."
"Already have a replacement in mind, do you?" Apples asked languidly.
"D--n right, I do," Cards growled. "Finding her is going to be a problem though. If you get any reports of folks having weird dreams about a robed figure going here, kitty-kitty! don't worry. That'll just be Me on a recruitment drive..."

Salutations! Mr Ca-, er, Laird Opus Fluke here. Sorry for the rush job but this idea's been burning in my head for months and for once I'm at a PC and not on my phone so I thought "s-d it!" and battered this down. Metric tonne of spoilers here along with the spalling mistooks and tipping arrers. Got some more ideas and will throw them around as and when. This is really just a way for me to get a bit of RP nonsense out of the way. Comments, insults, threats to hasten the Liberation of Night before I strike again will be gloated over. The Advocate is not nice people. I mean I actually like cats for a start...
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2021.10.21 10:53 Nervous-Dance-4675 m 23 looking for a [chat] open dms to everyone

Hey so I just woke up and enjoying my days off before I go back to work, started playing destiny again trying to get three Halloween skins but so if you are into that hmu also I'm looking for a conversation cause I'm bored as heck so please feel free to stop by and say hi
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2021.10.21 10:53 QuickFiveTheGuy I had a dream where the blind guy from "Don't Breathe" forced me to take a test about his home country.

He was holding me and someone else (I can't quite remember who, but it might have been Jane Levy's character) at a table and recounting vague stories of his past in a vaguely threatening manner. Then he gave me a piece of paper and pencil and gestured me to write my answers.
There's no indication in the film that the character isn't American.
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2021.10.21 10:53 GoatsWithWigs Had a dream last night that in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, there was a secret side quest where you had to follow vertically-aligned pairs of floating stars to where a grey pigeon was hiding

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2021.10.21 10:53 the_mosthenes Thoughts on Lunatask (vs Standard Notes)?

I've been looking for an encrypted combined to-do list and notes app for some time now, and recently came accross Lunatask. It seems to have all the functionality I'm looking for (minus an Android app, which is supposed to come as well) and it's end-to-end encrypted. But since it's a pretty new product I couldn't find any opinions or discussions about it yet. That's why I wanted to ask if anybody already has experience with it or thinks it could be a viable, safe replacement for my current system (Standard Notes for notes and paper to-do lists)?
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2021.10.21 10:53 Hade1z And then they open you to get weapons and heals

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2021.10.21 10:53 takemetothenewworld Your love or hate for technology is taking on your relationship

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2021.10.21 10:53 vikki_456 Climax-A Journey into female pleasure-Bundle-[DOWNLOAD]

To get this course with future updates comment down Interested and text me
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2021.10.21 10:53 ArcticPandaPopz We spin a yarn and continue our Yoshi’s Woolly World adventure from World 5 onwards. Join us at 3pm BST (10am EDT, 7am PDT). and join our friendly community chat for this week's Throwback Thursday.

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2021.10.21 10:53 MathematicianIcy3195 Top 1% OF

Top 1% OF If you have not yet subscribed to the top 1% of all onlyfans creators u really should.
Hit an 8RR play with the help of OF. Thanks alot kaz!
Sincerely MysilGG
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2021.10.21 10:53 thatoneblackn-word IWFTR

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2021.10.21 10:53 Badthe4th_48 calling all southeast asians

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2021.10.21 10:53 Patrick_Cesar Santa Anna was captured but for some reason the USA did not intervine in the war LOL LIMÃO

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2021.10.21 10:53 Beauski Are Cloud 9 the only team in worlds history to advance from groups with a negative win rate?

So Cloud 9 finished 2-4 after the scheduled 6 matches.
After having won the tiebreaker against Rogue they improved to 3-4 which is still a negative win rate.
Are they the only team in worlds history to achieve this 'feat' ?
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2021.10.21 10:53 freeebirrrd Wine Drinker - New to CBD

Hi All - I'm brand new to CBD and doing some research on how it could help in cutting back my alcohol consumption. I embarrassingly admit I'd gotten myself to one to two bottles a day over the past few years. Recently I have been doing great with cutting out drinking completely a few days a week, however when I do have a drinking day I go overboard. I'm looking to CBD to help me either cut back on the number of drinks when I do drink, or help me to replace wine all together on the days I would typically drink. Few questions:
1- Where to even begin? I've read about being able to mix some in beverages so you can still get that "end of day drink" feeling? How much? Any specific brands good for this?
2- Do I need to take a small amount each day so it builds and stays in my body? Again if yes, how much?
3- If I'm going to mix my drinks and CBD, which one first? Assuming I should decrease CBD use if I'm mixing with alcohol.
4- I'm excited to start this journey and finding what works for me. Should note that I've read about THC as well which I'm not interested, I've had bad experiences with edibles in the past so don't think THC would be for me. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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2021.10.21 10:53 GloomysPost Elliot is....🥰

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2021.10.21 10:53 Cowboy12034 What is the truth with covid? What should we expect in the future?

Are we ever going to be truly out of a global pandemic?
Like they will get on and make an announcement saying we have over come this virus or have it in remiss?
Will there just be mask mandates from here on out?
Do we stop trying to protect our selves from it because it will always be around?
Why did it get made political but polio didn't?
Why are we having so much controversy over what is right and wrong with this virus and how we protect our selves?
What are other countries doing to be successful in keeping the virus from spreading that we aren't doing here in the states?
so it is so safe to constantly use hand sanitizer with a 70 proof alcohol base on our bare skin when hand washing isn't available? Does sanitizer just leave dead germs on our hands, i tried it with some actual dirt on my hands and it all stayed there till i wiped it off.
I honestly though the virus could live on surfaces for a long time, why are we not cleaning it off of them to keep it in remiss?
Why it is now okay to stop sanitizing everything if there is a deadly virus being spread by our respiratory droplets when our masks are not on our face?
So many more questions i could ask but don't want to start anything. I think what i have hear is good if anyone could give a truthful non political answer i would be grateful.
When hand washing constantly what are alternative ways to keep skin on hands from being damaged beside lotions or creams i really don't like either?
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2021.10.21 10:53 CelebBattleVoteBot Katherine Heigl vs Scarlett Johansson

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2021.10.21 10:53 Dancebrian117 I’ve only heard rumors

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2021.10.21 10:53 Icy_Assumption1784 Question for anti-vaxxers ; What is the main reason that makes you be against any vaccine?

Please, explain yourself in the comment!
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2021.10.21 10:53 Kupo_Noct The greatest revelation of Episode Ignis, it is still one of the most intriguing. Let's discuss it

I found Pryna's revelation of Noctis' future to be a truly remarkable twist.

Considering also the great weight that Ignis has carried around all that time, without ever revealing this to anyone.

And indeed, trying to change Noctis's fate, somehow.

What do you think about it?
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2021.10.21 10:53 dystopia061 octavian is the next kanye

Similar thing happened to Kanye where he got black balled by the music industry and fans. just give Octavian some time and he'll come back with his dark fantasy. The pain leads to greatness.
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