2021.10.21 11:53 Grouchy-Prior-6809 GOOD DAY MANAGER

If you want to know more about myself
Hi! My name is Don Fuertes, 19 years of age, from the Philippines. You can call me Don, for short. I am a student, so if I will be able to bag this scholarship it will be if big help not only for me but for my family, specially now that we are still in the pandemic.
I have a wide gaming experience it may be in pc or in mobile. I have played ML, COC, COD, DOTA, PUBG and POKEMON GO. I can easily adapt to different type if game styles or gameplay. I have experience playing axie as well. I was to able to hit more than the qouta needed for a day, to hit 1300mmr mark.
I am very confident with my knowledge and skills, for I have said before I have the experience. I will dedicate my time, loyalty and effort if I will be choosen.
I assure you that I will be no burden to you and your team. I will even extend my hands in helping your community's growth
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2021.10.21 11:53 redditatwork1234 Gladiator Reave + Champion Cyclone = Good duo?

Do you think these builds will compliment each other or should we both go the gladiator reave build?
If there's another strong looking build that might be better, may you please share your knowledge.
Thank you.
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2021.10.21 11:53 Pinguin_is_taken If you win lottery what would you do?

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2021.10.21 11:53 Sneet1 PETG surface quality issues

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2021.10.21 11:53 cvivismm_ 8 month old puppy backs up and gets scared of me when I ask for a roll over?

2 months back, i tried to teach my puppy how to roll over through shaping but we never went past to him doing it on command. i had to lure him through a roll over every time he did it. i stopped working on roll over with him as we went on to focus on other things.
months later, whenever i say the word roll over or attempt to lure him with the treats, he backs up and looks so scared of me! i tested it this morning to see how he'd react and he backs up every time i say the word roll over and he runs to his crate (which he rarely goes into during the day), and would not come near me at all!!
i'm all about positive reinforcement and have only shouted at him 1-2 times when i lost my temper while he was barking for attention, but i've NEVER once laid my hands on him so i'm not sure why is he acting like this?
he looked SO scared and wouldn't even take treats from me after i say roll over...
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2021.10.21 11:53 ShortAlgo $FMBI Awaiting Short signal on FMBI

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2021.10.21 11:53 EagleZealousideal313 Sleep Disorders

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2021.10.21 11:53 hayaleturkcom Mobil ‘battle royale’ oyunları durdurulamıyor

Türkiye’nin öncü oyun ve e-pin satış sitelerinden’un oyun ve oyun içi satış rakamlarına dayanan verilere göre, eylül ayında oyuncular en çok PUBG Mobile ve Garena Free Fire gibi mobil ‘battle royale’ oyunlarına ilgi gösterdi.
Eylül ayında üzerinden
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2021.10.21 11:53 JCook2515 Questions about a3230 movement.

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2021.10.21 11:53 adm_ashraf26 She wanders into the forest to find some herbs for her sick mother.

The cost of the surgery is too much for her to reconsider.
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2021.10.21 11:53 LowKickMT High Kill Games, Some Thoughts and Questions

with all these cheaters in pc lobbies or potential chronus abusers on console, its easy to scream "cheater" when we see high kill gameplay.
when i watch some of the big names dropping 40+ kills with ease every day then naturally i wonder, how they do it?
when i review my own lobbies i see 3+ kd players in it (console only, so no hacks). reviewing their stats sometimes also shows 20+ kill gameplays but the median is more like 5ish.
- when i spectate these guys, they tend to aggressive at the beginning and then either get killed by third parties or shot in the back. Some slow down mid game and others keep the pace, however the 20 kill games are SUPER rare and i never have seen someone with 30+
- how do the streamers pull it off? do we have 30+ kill players in this sub? how do you do it? do you also play super aggressive and finesse whole squads on your own? how often does this work?
I am a 1.5 (last 100 games) and a 2+ on iron trials and solo. I play daily since the beginning. Im nowhere good but i would say your average cod addict that follows meta guns, movement trends etc
When i try to "finesse" quads, they somehow never appear one by one and 50 meters apart as seen in those high kill gameplays. they usually flock together, if you pick one apart they bullrush you all together.
however these guys seam to know exactly how to move and how to switch angles to isolate them in 1on1 gunfights.
i admit my first thought at some point is "they must be wallhacking to know exactly where to go when" but i also think there might be a real strategy.

is this actually learnable? are they just build different? do we have players in this sub that can finesse quads on a regular basis on their own? what are your tricks, how do you pull it off, what can i learn from you?
my own approach is usually to kill one, maybe down a second one if possible and then back the fuck off and either try to gatekeep them or find someone else that is isolated.
getting a full quad wipe in one go maybe happened two or three times yet and in these cases i either got extremely lucky that they didnt stick together or they were just really bad and i could make use if a nasty headglitch were i could just mow them down with a lmg lol

when i asked people on console who told me they can pull it of (solo quadding) to spectate their gameplay, they always got destroyed. i have never ever witnessed someone finessing a full squad on their own, on console.
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2021.10.21 11:53 More-Raspberry-3275 Beat love stories on audible

I’m searching for really passionate and intense love story. Everything I found looks boring… I want to feel the book, be heartbroken and fall in love with the character! Hope to have some suggestion. Thanks ♡
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2021.10.21 11:53 throwra-noinnocents I went through my boyfriends phone, found something I don’t like, but we’re both in the wrong. Where to go from here?

At the start of our relationship, we were clear that we are both allowed to have friends of the opposite gender and that if we ever felt like we needed to snoop through the other persons phone, it’s a bigger issue that needs to be discussed.
We have been together for 5 months and we’re so happy. I carry legitimate, diagnosed PTSD from a past relationship, but I am also a big advocate that it’s not an excuse to be crappy.
We’re talking about moving in together and combining finances, and I got a little freaked out. I felt compelled to go through his phone, and I found things I didn’t like. A girl that he told me he was friends with had been messaging him a lot, and while I trust him to act appropriately, it bothered me. I found messages from the week after our first date where he told her that he had liked her for months, and only her, but that we went on a date and he could see a future with me. Still proceeded to call her by a cute nickname and send kiss emojis until about two and a half weeks after our first date. There are also messages with another girl where it was “never like that”, yet he told her to “come cuddle” two weeks after our first date.
I feel really betrayed. I also feel really guilty for going through his phone. I feel like if I try to bring it up, all he will hear is “I went through your phone” and not the message of “Now I feel really insecure about us.” I don’t know if I should just try to forget I saw it, and never bring it up and call it a wash because we’re both wrong or if I should bring it up and probably start an argument over it. To his credit, he hasn’t said anything remotely flirty to them since we officially became a “couple” and he hasn’t seen them since before we dated. But the fact remains that he lied and he still messages them.
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2021.10.21 11:53 Devotcka322 How long till a bike is free game?

There's a bike locked up in a public park that has been there for over two weeks. Its parts are slowly disappearing so it's obvious no one's is using it. I was planning on doing a bike build and the frame would be perfect. Don't want to be a POS though.
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2021.10.21 11:53 Usual_Marsupial2811 Got my results today! My mother is Nicaraguan & my father is Puerto Rican

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2021.10.21 11:53 Lunainc Fresh of the painting table is the second harlequin

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2021.10.21 11:53 OverNeighborhood208 Am I crazy for looking for something serious on Grindr?

I'm a 19 yo european guy who's never been in a serious relationship. I know grindr is mostly used for hookups (which I'm not interested in), but also there aren't that many options in terms of choosing dating apps.. nor do we have any places here where I could meet other lgbtq+ folk..
At this point I wouldn't be surprised if there had never been any success stories in serious relationships emerging by meeting on Grindr..
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2021.10.21 11:53 dootdoot1997 Begula

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2021.10.21 11:53 LAZYTOWWWWWN No.

Year 61
Day 21,943
Current Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl victories: 0
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2021.10.21 11:53 OdinsF3W435 BBIG str8 called it pop then barcodes

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2021.10.21 11:53 EzShinnn Ill ask him out again...

Finger crossed...hope everything goes well...
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2021.10.21 11:53 Emirhan56564 Gizli Güç

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2021.10.21 11:53 WillIsNotHot Carol Vorderman, 60

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2021.10.21 11:53 dubar84 What's the best ITX mobo for a Ryzen 3600 right now in a headerless case?

A friend is about to get converted to ITX and asked for advice. Build is fairly budget one in either a K39 or a Velka 3. He has most components already (including an ITX gpu) and I though he might as well just put those into a smaller case. Obviously the necessary change will be the cooler and the motherboard and I can't seem to confidently recommend one.
Wanted to go with an Asus b450-i Strix just because I'm already familiar with it's bios, but it's not available anywhere apparently. He will not going to upgrade to new gen cpu btw. Debate is between an Aorus b450i or a Gigablyte A520I AC (for the bios flash button)? Does anyone have any personal experience with these boards? Any other recommendations?
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2021.10.21 11:53 PM_Me_An_Ekans blurry picture of a cat

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