Mexico Sends ‘Prayers For The Stolen’ To International Oscar Race

2021.10.21 11:41 CephalopodRed Mexico Sends ‘Prayers For The Stolen’ To International Oscar Race

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2021.10.21 11:41 MarcusSchmitz US agency admits funding for research into bat corona viruses

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2021.10.21 11:41 AWierzOne Kid friendly destinations

I'm always looking for new places to explore in the city with my 2.5 year old in tow. We have made a good run of the parks & playgrounds (pretty much every one from Penn Treaty to Smith, and all in between), and I'm running out of new places to see. We've done Belmont, Fairmont, Wiss, FDR, Penn Fields, Citizens Bank Park... and a couple others I'm probably missing.
Is Heinz kid friendly? It seems like it is just on the edge of my range... My ideal trip is a ride (less than an hour) out, let him run around for a while (ideally without the need of a stroller though I have a cargo bike and can make it work), ride back. Bonus points if interesting food options in between.
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2021.10.21 11:41 Embarrassed-Account7 How frequently do you clean your bearings?

I noticed some of my wheels spinning longer than others soon after buying a carver. My assumption is that if I clean them all, the board will roll better and move faster.
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2021.10.21 11:41 I_Bang_Grannies TIL that the CIA disguised seismometers as tiger poop to track Vietnamese troop movements during the Vietnam War.

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2021.10.21 11:41 tututitlookslikerain Need some advice. What are some raid targets, outside Phinny, that can reliably be done with a small raid group during Luclin?

It can be old world. I've never been a part of a really small family guild, and am wondering what is reasonable for us. Max 3 groups. Most likely 2 + some stragglers.
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2021.10.21 11:41 -en- @BBCWorld: RT @BBCNews: Van Gogh's Starry Night embroidered with 50,000 stitches

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2021.10.21 11:41 falafels101 Do you think that 65mm wheels would fit on the FLT3 frames?

It says the maximum wheel size is 64mm which is what i had before and they fit well. Would 65mm be pushing it?
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2021.10.21 11:41 evaldez14 An Offbeat Australian Sports Controversy Offers A Lesson For Americans, Especially Those On The Left

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2021.10.21 11:41 DasKapitalist If mechs are "kings of the battlefield", what does the rest of the field look like?

While big stompy robots are awesome, and their use in the Battletech universe is rule of cool uber alles, what does a typical combined arms force structure look like in universe? Much the way tanks are kings of real world ground combat, but are a minority of actual forces since using them unsupported is a costly mistake.
Is it 95% mechs and 5% tin cans full of explodium in all but the poorest or most backwater militaries? Or are mechs a niche similar to real world armor with the majority of forces composed of regular old mechanized or leg infantry? Are force compositions similar for the I/S and Clans, or is one notably more mech-heavy?
Of note for the clans, I'm more interested in the force structure they have rather than the tiny subset they field for batchalls, much the way a real world military would be predominantly infantry even if a hypothetical "batchall" would field the highest tech and highest cost toys they could scrape up.
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2021.10.21 11:41 Laismalanine I can see how/why dating is heavenly for women but I'd like to know why it has to be a special type of hell for dudes. How're guys supposed to feel any good, again? all seems for women.( 27 M )

You can see it easily as me, likely, what allows it to be a fun experience for women. I mean, women are always wanted, no real matter about their looks but if they happen to be gorgeous then it all is just a few times easier and nicer. As a guy though you need to be a model just to not be disliked too much; whether how you're like a model being decided by funds, looks, or whatever else. When someone uses effort and persistence it's more likely to payoff at some point for a woman than it is a dude; 13 years going by trying to date with nothing happeneing ever is common and expected for a guy while there l;ikely isn't even a day that goes by for women where someone isn't trying something with them.
Now, I know why women are more confident than dudes,
I bet being allowed to be in and out of a relationship any second you want, while it being okay and completely fine to do so, helps someone feel like they can do what they want+ whatever else.
women get to brandish and show off their bodies while they are at their best; most dudes still being virgins by the time whatever looks they had start to go away is very frequent too.
Hundreds and thoasands of partners is very common/normal for women too, while most dudes likely die before they even reach a total of one partner.
It all makes for a fun time, I can see why it's great for dudes (Or, wait, got that wrong there)
So, let's see
Women get-
- Attention/Interest all the time, whether wanted or unwanted
- Relationships any moment they want
- More freedom to do what they want, with nothing they can do ever being wrong. (Like claiming a child belongs to a certain guy when they do not, that's a freedom women get to enjoy)
-Protection (Many rally for the causes of women but I mean moreso just generally, much is done for the side of women.)
-Safety from rejection since women don't ask dudes out as much as dudes try to with them. + Women likely only ask out ridiculously good looking guys, so... (While a dude'll be rejected by 99% of anyone they'll ever want anything to do with. Actually let me put it this way, a dude will never get a relationship with who they want, they're just left with who no one else wanted.)
Women, however, will be interacted with by most people; especially all the interested dudes.
Men get
-No attention
-Only allowed to date/be in a relationship when someone else decides that it's okay, not allowed to be in and out of one when they want.
Less freedom than women (A guy literally cannot say that a child belongs to a woman when they don't.)
also, as a dude, likability is based on penile size. There are how types and wishes for largeness? I like how there are names and rewards for being large and nothing except cheating and bullshit if you're undersized.
My lists leave out a lot but I can't say I want to be writing this out for too long.
TL;DR With how women are always wanted, always in demand, always treated nicer and actually have good times whilst dating; how's a guy meant to feel any good or not become suicidal from trying to date?
I mean, for women I understand why it's a great fun time; they can do what they want and be however they want. they'll always be wanted, always sexually wanted, people will always want to date them and people will always be nice so that they may try.
A dude though? lol, you're a joke as a guy unless you're a model somehow.
I don't know, maybe it's just me that sees how having a relationships any second you want will make someone feel a bit better than 13 years of trying to date and the most that ever happens is getting lied to or scammed.
I personally feel like some have some actual relationships with all that time.
Not to mention there's people that get into new relationships each and every day. I wonder what you all think of those who can try for what's likely going to be 20 years soon enough and never have anything happen.Man, life as an uglier, underaverage guy is the worst.. Doubt being socially or mentally slow helps either.Love how no size of a woman determines who they may be with or not.So yeah, I know what makes women feel good and it would be unending interest and want. Guys'll pretty much never know that though.
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2021.10.21 11:41 jakehopt After seeing the S22 Ultra leak; here's a SUPER rare leak of the future S34 Ultra.
It has a total of 24 cameras on the rear. I've heard they've designed an entire new FAMILY of Camera's, one for EVERY single occasion a human being could ever come across.
After the success of the S22 Ultra and it's number of camera's; Samsung realized that it's cheaper and far more effective to design a camera for different occasions rather than build a camera that operates in a variety of situations, no more auto focusing, no more low-light issues, instead the Software is smart enough to use the appropriate camera depending on the low or high light of your view-finder.
They've added a Camera specifically for use on Tuesdays, a Camera that is designed JUST for pictures of Food, another camera designed to take pictures of people with Masks, a wonderful high resolution camera for pictures of Leaves. Overall it's a masterpiece of technology, it'll change the game forever.
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2021.10.21 11:41 03444009 Visiting LC next week for a few days. Out-of-towner needs help.

Hello, redditors of Las Cruces! I'll be visiting your beautiful city for a few days next week and would like your input on where to go and what to see while there.
I love pizza and beer but I'm especially interested in the best [insert food/drink here] you think is a must while visiting.
Do you think LC is bike friendly? Is there a museum/art gallery/market worth checking out? Urban hiking is more my thing but I'm a fan of nature, too. What's your favorite trail? Any sketchy places I should avoid? Any places I should go to multiple times?
If anyone wants to get a pint with me, I'd love to meet and chat. Please PM.
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2021.10.21 11:41 Ruciexplores Do you ever feel like you are breaking your baby's bones or crushing him?

I sometimes feel his little foot at the top of my uterus and when I bend I wonder, knowing that is probably not true, did I just twist his ankle, did I break his foot. Random 36 weeks thoughts
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2021.10.21 11:41 pkarlmann The Bri'ish are at it again.

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2021.10.21 11:41 Spiritual_Chipmunk92 Interested in Moroccan Folklore

Hi everyone,
I’m non-Moroccan btw, but I’m very much interested in Moroccan folklore. Especially things related to the supernatural. I was wondering if you guys have stories or incidents or even just myths and legends. I’m writing a thesis on Moroccan folklore for a college project, which is why I need material.
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2021.10.21 11:41 kathikartoffel best discord tana

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2021.10.21 11:41 Hot_tamami The feeling zack felt when driving home

Was probably so amazing and freeing lol. All I could think was how I have been in horrible situations and how remarkable it was to finally to just leave in relief. He probably had the best drive home ever.
I know people are saying that they were both awful but I think zack trying to make it work despite his inner alarm system always going off, is a lot. I see how this can come off as checked out or not genuine, but I do not view Michaela as genuine at all- and she constantly checking out whenever the opportunity for her to be vulnerable and honest with her feelings comes into play. Yes she has abandonment issues and yes those are her responsibility to handle and zack did not sign up for an explosive and passive aggressive petty mess.
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2021.10.21 11:41 dirtyharrison Buttigieg: There Will Be Supply Issues as Long as There's a Pandemic, That Includes COVID Problems in Other Countries

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2021.10.21 11:41 Amiga4 Thoughts on the Tomei Expreme exhaust for Wrx

What is everyone’s general thoughts on this exhaust? Is it too loud that it’s obnoxious to drive? I know it’s a super popular choice and I actually love the look of the single exit pipe.
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2021.10.21 11:41 Same_Bug5891 I have a broken part on the steam boiler. Anyone know what it’s called??

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2021.10.21 11:41 alexxxon97 Low libido - I've tried everything

I'm a 24 year old male. I was on Prozac and Wellbutrin for about 5 months to manage anxiety. It worked, but it also killed my sex drive which I know is common. Wellbutrin didn't help as others have claimed. I've been off of both since the first week of September and I still don't have my libido back. I can't even get fully erect anymore... Was NEVER an issue before. I've even been taking several supplements to try to help. Daily Maca, Zinc, L Argenine/citrulline, and ginseng. I've been taking these daily for about 45 days now and still no change. I'm scared I've lost it forever... Any ideas?
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2021.10.21 11:41 CelebBattleVoteBot Katherine McNamara vs Taylor Swift

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2021.10.21 11:41 Cleervoyreal What is the best ink replacement method for Hp Printers?

910 XL HP Ink is so expensive and it goes so quickly, I do not print that often but felt like it goes quick asking to be replace. Anyone can help out with an after market replacement that can save some money?
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2021.10.21 11:41 nuttingreallymatters Reasons to consider NOT switching to Linux

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