Mariah Carey - MTV Unplugged

2021.10.21 11:06 GoGoYesNo Mariah Carey - MTV Unplugged
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2021.10.21 11:06 Ragnaroktopus_Ink Did a Zelgadis to go with the Gourry and Lina I've previously posted. Naga is next! Drawn in Procreate

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2021.10.21 11:06 GeniusPrime Today is the day

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2021.10.21 11:06 heverano ore excavation

Hey. I got a problem when i use ore excavation. If i press and hold the button it wourks. But for a while afther i let go of the button it still activates and i destroy everything. Anyone know how to fix that?
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2021.10.21 11:06 FinalboyWasTaken German travel map from the 1930s

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2021.10.21 11:06 distantshallows It's Broke, Let's Fix It: Brainstorming Alternatives to Weapon Durability in BotW

5 years later, weapon durability still remains as one of the most controversial design decisions made in BotW. I personally love it, but others think of it as a stifling and frustrating system the actively drags the whole game down. I think a middle ground is possible, so I've come up with a couple of alternate ideas to replace the current weapon durability system.
I'll be ranking these by how much they preserve the original design intention behind durability, which I believe to be:

  1. Encouraging experimentation during combat
  2. Encouraging exploration for the gathering and discovery of new weapons
  3. Soft-gating progress in the early game
(1) Using a weapon repairs the other weapons in the inventory For example, using my spear will repair my sword, and using my sword repairs my spear. This is what Metroid Prime 3 does.
The main benefit is that the player now has the ability to specialize on a specific build, more akin to an RPG. One player might carry a spear, a boomerang, and a bow for ranged combat. Another might carry an axe, a sword, and an elemental spear to specialize in melee combat. One other could carry a Korok Leaf and elemental weapons to specialize with interacting with the environment.
This would probably require a much smaller inventory since 20+ weapons repairing each other would probably turn the system useless since you can just rotate between similar weapons. In addition, without a big expansion to the types of weapons available, this system would be pretty lame since the existing 3 weapon types and their variations don't allow for many combinations or synergies.
1/3: While experimentation still remains, it's through the loadout out of combat rather than during combat so I don't think it counts for the first pillar. In addition soft-gating is lost since durability is effectively infinite. This does encourage exploration for the discovery of new weapons to for the sake of expression since you know they won't break.
(2) A broken weapon drops a useful resource
This is an example of reframing the problem. Instead of asking "how do we make durability less frustrating", instead we ask "why would the player ever want a weapon to break"?
This resource could be basically anything and probably scale with how powerful the weapon is. Some kind of EXP, a weapon repair resource, cooking item, etc. The big thing is that having this resource would have to be less preferable than having an intact weapon or else the player would potentially want to grind out this resource by continuously breaking weapons. I'd also cut weapons taking durability from environmental use for this reason.
(3) Weapons repair over time
Does what it says on the box. When and how much weapon would repair is a difficult thing to pinpoint. I'm guessing a weapon would repair when not in use, but that's vague and could potentially allow for camping during combat. How much is a difficult balancing thing. Really high and it would encourage aggressive combat and experimentation. Really low and it would encourage defensive play and the use of runes (since they have infinite durability). Inventory space is also something to keep in mind.
This could also be combined with alternative 1 to boost the pace of combat and encourage weapon switching.
Another potential benefit is that this could allow for more weapon variation just from durability. You might have a really hefty and powerful axe that can only hit 2 or 3 times before needing to repair and a nimble weapon that has low damage but high durability that you can use in between other weapons. This is sorta done already with the Guardian weapons but imo it's not utilized very well and this could open up the door for more use of the idea.
3/3 (potentially)
(4) Weapons all use up a single resource/meter on Link
This is pretty much a different version of 1. This moves durability from being a per weapon resource to per player. I'd probably have it so it recharges when the player deals damage with runes since those are currently unutilized in combat, but how this meter would recharge is completely open. This also doubles as a new upgradable resource along with health and stamina (maybe stamina and this resource are the same?)
2/3?: This doesn't encourage exploration in the same way but experimentation is highly encouraged, and soft-gating could be retained depending on how the meter is balanced.
Personally I hope Nintendo tries one of these or something completely new instead of keeping durability as is or dropping it entirely. I also omitted some of my more stupid suggestions (like perfect dodges repairing weapons). I'd also like to hear about any other ideas.
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2021.10.21 11:06 Caveman_Tactics [Xbox][H] Offers [W] Pink and Purple Diestro

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2021.10.21 11:06 GreenG2002 0556 5526 5780 plz add me

Level 35
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2021.10.21 11:06 unRealistic-Egg Windows Update: !categories

Needless to say, I'm new to Ansible. There may be some syntax I just haven't been exposed to yet, but what I'm trying to do is: Write a playbook using the windows update module that updates everything EXCEPT the "Upgrades" category, which i believe is where they keep the "Feature updates".
In the documentation it's clear that you can list the categories that you DO want to include, and there is a capability to reject certain updates by listing the KB... but I think its missing capability to reject updates based on category.
I would list all the categories [except Upgrades] if I were confident of the current definitive list, and that they aren't going to be making changes to the list - but I'm not.
Is there an option I'm not seeing, or is this really not possible... or is the request a bad idea for some reason that I'm not aware of?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.21 11:06 Bloodedge077 Daily Dorothea #560

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2021.10.21 11:06 tealnotturquoise About to start the Range quilt… any advice?

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2021.10.21 11:06 svanapps Mechanical Technology Announces $16.3 Million Convertible Note Financing

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2021.10.21 11:06 CaspianX2 Breathing Fear for the Nintendo Switch - Review

Breathing Fear Genre: Graphic Adventure / Horror
Players: 1
Breathing Fear, released on PC in 2016 and ported to Nintendo Switch in 2019, is a Graphic Adventure Horror game that puts players in the role of an escaped prison convict who finds himself searching through an abandoned house. Just his luck, it looks like the place is haunted.
The presentation here is apparently a point of pride for the developer, as this game won a Games Jam event by tackling a challenge to see whether a game with pixel art graphics could be scary. In my own view, this venture was not entirely successful, with the game’s extremely low-quality pixel art visuals not exactly making my pulse race. And despite the game description’s declaration of “no jumpscares here”, I felt like there didn’t seem to be much else, save for the tension caused by the rapidly depleting batteries in the player’s flashlight. The sound design in this game is pulling a lot of weight, with tense music playing and with the occasional use of that cliche high-pitch horror movie noise… but there’s little here that feels truly inspired.
A part of the flaw here is also undoubtedly due to this game’s story, or lack thereof. You’ll be investigating the abandoned house, reading letters, diary entries, and notes left behind by the former residents, which will gradually build up to give a vague idea what previously happened in this place. However, from the start you’re given very little indication of just what your character’s story is, or why he’s rifling around such a creepy house. You only know he’s an escaped inmate.
That just leaves the gameplay, which is fairly simple. Players will be moving around the house looking for items of interest, armed only with a flashlight. Your character’s heartbeat will be constantly monitored, with time spent in the dark and scary events causing it to rise, and calming events causing it to lower. Players must investigate the house and presumably uncover its secrets before their heart rate gets too high and they die of fright.
Of course, you’ll be looking for extra batteries for your flashlight and other ways to keep the lights on, but after a few deaths and having to restart from the beginning, you’ll end up doing things through rote memorization before long - check a note in one location which lets your character know where this item is, get the item and use it in that location... the lack of scares becomes even more pronounced when you’re just going through the motions.
I actually do think that a game with pixel art can be scary. But as someone with a spine made of Jello, it’s telling that I barely felt the slightest twinge of fear when playing this game. I don’t know if that’s the fault of the low-quality visuals, the tiresome use of horror film tropes, the lack of strong storytelling, or the tedious gameplay, but the result is a game that just didn’t bring the scares for me, and didn’t provide enough entertaining gameplay to make it worth playing absent those scares. As such, I can’t recommend this game, even for its low $5 price tag.
tl;dr – Breathing Fear is a game that has players playing as an escaped convict investigating an abandoned (and apparently haunted) house for reasons that aren’t clear. The low-quality pixel art visuals don’t exactly inspire fear, nor does the weak storytelling, tedious gameplay, or overuse of horror film cliches. As such, it’s hard for me to recommend this game. Get your scares somewhere else instead, because you won’t find them here.
Grade: D

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2021.10.21 11:06 EzDeuce Cannot open any Microsoft office docs on iPad

As per the title, starting sometime yesterday, I’m no longer able to open any word or excel files from my iPad Pro 11-inches. This is true either when I navigate to it from the Files app, or directly from within word or excel using the files navigation system. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? If so, how did you resolve? I am running IOS 15, in case that matters.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.21 11:06 Successful-Alcoholik Is there a point to trick or treating?

Thats all.
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2021.10.21 11:06 AdoptmeClowner WFL Please :)

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2021.10.21 11:06 phongky2013numberone ¿Cómo soluciona el error “La conexión no es privada” en Google Chrome? Guía paso a paso

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2021.10.21 11:06 HoxxAuthCode Holup, Church Money...!

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2021.10.21 11:06 uf0kingdom Corolla, NC Apr '17 [3024 x 4032] [OC]

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2021.10.21 11:06 vinodpandey7 Indian style pasta | how to make Indian pasta recipes

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2021.10.21 11:06 gimel182 Welcome to Wonderlands #1: Stabbomancer and Brr-Zerker - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

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2021.10.21 11:06 sobranius Reason why riot disabling all-chat

I dont think what "toxicity" is the main reason for this.
Honestly i think the main reason for that(please dont point this post as something, "political") what some company that tied to riot very hard, have some servers in some country .You may type some text about some square in said country servers and some things that totaly did not happen in that square and thus you can effectively make your opponents to quit the game in order to avoid, you know, responsibility for reading bout things that totaly did not happen.
Very conviniet way to ruin game for opposing team, and not much way to counter it since wordfilter is not effective tool.
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2021.10.21 11:06 Sharpie61115 My jobs solution to stopping more people from quiting is to have managers sit down, and explain to you that you have a good job.

Recently, like many work places, there has been alot of people leaving/quitting at my job. We have had about 40% of the people that were working at the company quit within the last year, which is very high for the industry I work in. The problems are as clear as day why people are leaving, management doesn't listen, they put more and more on our plate every chance they can with no wage increase. They've brought in multiple consultants to talk to us, but all the information they give them goes in one ear, and out the other. Instead, their new tactic is to sit us down, and explain to us like we're children that we have good wages and benefits. This has to be be the most patronizing, tone def approach they could have taken. You really think the reason people are leaving is because they're too stupid to realize they have a good paying job? How about you dip shits take that same information, and do a little analysis on yourselves? Why would someone leave a good paying job, for another job that may pay less? It's because the stress of this job isn't worth the extra money to them, in large part, from shit management.
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2021.10.21 11:06 School179 Is it legal???

Im from Russia and we have local music service Yandex Music. Here's lovejoy music but in couple songs there are wrong lyrics and started thinking about legacy...
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2021.10.21 11:06 Masimat Are there races where at least three cars crossed the finish line nearly simultaneously?

I've seen two-car showdowns, but not three or more.
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