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This is a face of a serial killer

2021.10.21 11:32 Toon_Duckie This is a face of a serial killer

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2021.10.21 11:32 MooseFix Do you start your main save during the beta or do you wait for the game to officially release?

A lot of youtubers at the start of each year seem to do short quick saves during the beta, I was just wondering if it is worth starting your main save during the beta or does this cause any potential issues in your save further down the line.
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2021.10.21 11:32 devinthecoach [Hiring] Graphic Designer - DTC - Remote, Worldwide

We’re looking for a skilled graphic designer to help design branding assets like landing pages, wireframes, web pages for businesses and all the sectors we serve.
You’d be a great fit if you can do logo illustrations, design web pages, and landing pages and If you are a designer who is looking for more clients and if you want to get paid for the true value you’re worth, DTC Marketing is the place for you.
Compensation: $35-$50 / Hour based on skills and experience
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2021.10.21 11:32 TheDefalt8 Get inspired. I learned character modeling and rigging. <3 blender

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2021.10.21 11:32 empiredownfire How to change language of realme 6 system

I am using realme for many year. My regional language(malayalam) is more comfortable for me. Is there way to change language in device
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2021.10.21 11:32 syntheticcrystalmeth Expanded my underground 3 way train intersection with 0 flat junctions to have 4 branches. Was able to fit an entire residential development directly over the intersection.

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2021.10.21 11:32 EmotionalMycologist9 For people with kids: Did you have family stay with you after?

Would you want to? How long? Did it just make it uncomfortable?
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2021.10.21 11:32 dispatchdcu January 2021 Marvel Comic Solicitations - Kate Bishop continues!!!

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2021.10.21 11:32 conscious_dreams a dream unlike any other, from an experienced dreamer. "the deck of cards"

I am an experienced dreamer. But this was unlike any other dream.
It felt deeply important. Spiritual and real. Not real as in detailed and realistic. (Even if that is surely true as well) But real as in more real than life itself. Something greater than this collection of memories I call my life. I have hade a hand full of spiritual experiences in my life and this had the same feeling to it as these experiences. What also stands out is the fact that I can’t recall ever having a dream with text before. Not even in the background on a sign or something like that.
but in this dream as you will see text was a big part of it.
The following text is an extraction of the dream. Things took place both before and after and this is just a quarter of what I wrote down in my dream journal. And of all that I got down in my journal it still only sums up to what feels like a little bit more than half the dream but I couldn’t recall the whole thing to get it in words.

I was handed a deck of cards.
Sitting cross legged on the ground in a dim light with the deck of card cantered in front of me.
With a Calm but alert state of mind I grabbed the top card with my right hand and as I brought it to out of center to my right side a text appeared. I read the text and put it back on the ground on my right side.
I grab another card and as I bring it out of center to my right side a new text appears once again. But this time rather than just reading it and putting it down I switch it to my left hand and as I bring it from the right to the left the text didn’t just disappear, but holes appeared evenly spread out yet leaving the boarder intact keeping the integrity of the card shape. These holes where in diamond shapes creating a symmetrical pattern with what was left of the card.
At this point I realized that the situation was more serious than I had first grasped, and I knew I had been presented with a choice.
I chose right.
I brought the card back to my right side and the text appeared once again. Each card would come to an end, yet the message was continuous. As if it was designed in such a way where I could stop at any time and still feel somewhat fulfilled. As if I could still get some sense of closure. But each card would build on the previous once.
This wasn’t a lucid dream in the sense that I was not aware of the fact that I was dreaming. But my level of consciousness, my awareness and sense of actual free will was that of a lucid dream if not more so. Each card I pulled was a choice and not one I made lightly.
Sadly I don’t recall the words or the bigger picture of the message. But what I do recall is that the topic was spiritual. I had a deep spiritual feeling as if an external entity separate from my normal dream scape and characters was trying to tell me something. Something important.
But it wasn’t just spiritual. It left me with a feeling of doom and gloom. A feeling of “disappointment”, as if the message wasn’t what I had hoped for. I could feel an apologetic energy (or perhaps it was understanding and compassion) from the spirit that had relayed the message.
Like I said I cant directly recall what the text said. But if I where to “guess” then something tells me that it said that
I am supposed to die.
That my time in this world is coming to an end and that it has been a misunderstanding between me and these spirits trying to guide me to a peaceful death. That this misunderstanding has caused me great pain hence the apologetic feeling. Its not that they want me do die. It’s just that my consciousness can’t cross over.
I'm not just talking about a physical death. I'm talking about a spiritual one as well.
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2021.10.21 11:32 DeroZaza Android/IOS Games for Little Nightmares Fans?

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2021.10.21 11:32 sofsitch Corduroy shorts weather 😎

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2021.10.21 11:32 ilikedyingg Just for laughs

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2021.10.21 11:32 listingpalmtree Catedral de Granada, Spain

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2021.10.21 11:32 SloppyJo3s It's on Public.😎

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2021.10.21 11:32 RugbyGareth_ Glasgow Warriors v Leinster Teams

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2021.10.21 11:32 mr_PC2 I can’t post anywhere and I also can’t follow anyone, is this because account is new? Or is there another reason?

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2021.10.21 11:32 Responsible-Debate69 Maradonna for my missing cards dm me

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2021.10.21 11:32 chenith Welcome to Dalston

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2021.10.21 11:32 intentionalGenius Yes and yes

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2021.10.21 11:32 BarryTwice Just ended things

So, I’ve (22) just ended a relationship which lasted about 8 months with my now former boyfriend (23). I’m the one who told him we had to part ways. Before getting serious with him, we already had a bit of a history of dating. About 2 to 3 years ago, we first met up shortly after I had ended my first relationship, which also lasted about 8 months.
We had a spark from the first date and onwards. However, every time we would meet up, we would meet up multiple times in the week, going for drinks or food. When things got serious, I got angsty and fled the situation, ghosting him completely. I already told him upon the first date that I was not ready for anything relational, and when it seemed to head that way, I just bounced. A few months pass and we end up on each other’s radar again. We meet up, hang out and repeat the good times for another few weeks or so. And then the ghosting happens again.
This pretty much happened two more times over a period of 1,5-2 years. I was dating relentlessly with guys, getting fed up with void personalities and introducing yourself to a hook up, only to disappear for good after the first date.
The last guy I dated before my former boyfriend made me realize that maybe I should probably focus on the more substantial and qualitative connections. I reached out to my former boyfriend asking him if he would like to meet up. He was eager to come over, after which he invited me to spent the following weekend abroad in a cute hotel. During that weekend, we started talking about our recent hook-ups. Turns out he just got out of a relationship a few months prior.
I told him I really like him as a person, but as far as a relationship goes, I just wasn’t really there yet, emotionally. He said that if we didn’t take it to the next level, he would prefer not to meet up anymore as he did not feel like being strung along or ghosted.
A few days after, we basically made it official, and decided to just go exclusive with each other and enter a relationship.
The first 2 or 3 months or so felt pretty great, having little to no relational or emotional issues. But somewhere at the end of those first few months, we got into a a petty fight in which I basically started to spit out arguments that didn’t resonate with how I truly felt about the matter at hand. I just felt like winning the discussion, being vindictive in doing so. After the discussion, I burst out in tears and told him I took everything I had said back. He said discussions happen in every relationship. But the way I positioned myself in that fight felt wrong and oddly similar to how fights were fought in my previous relationship.
Soon enough, more petty fights started to ensue in which I lost complete reason in most of them. The relationship was on its decline.
In the following months, we would fight about food, politics, language, history, philosophy, etc. The biggest moot point within our relationship was about the remainder of friendships I had garnered on dating apps in the past years. I told him that I had maybe less than a handful of guys I had developed a friendship with that didn’t not rely on sexual activity to exist.
I went out of my to describe the history of each guy and even offered to introduce him to some so he could see for himself that nothing that could cause suspicion was going on. In our 8 months, I only managed to introduce him to my bestest friend and former FwB (44). Despite my efforts of putting his mind at ease, he remained wary and a hint of jealousy was always lingering.
We got into a really big fight when I wanted to meet up with my best friend 1-on-1. He freaked out and he basically forbade me from meeting up with him. There’s a lot more context to this fight and I’m not really doing this specific situation justice with the details provided. But TL;DR: the fight caused us to almost break up, but we made amends soon after.
The relationship lasted maybe 2 or 3 more months, up until today. Last night I called him up to ask how his day was. As he was mid-sentence, I hung up the phone in distress and in an emotional frenzy, I blocked his number, swiped all our conversations away and just felt miserable for myself that entire evening.
I’ve been dealing with irrational behavior and emotional polarity throughout the majority of the relationship. I’ve pulled the aforementioned shit a few times, but it never lasted longer than an hour or two.
My former boyfriend suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bones), making him bound to a wheelchair of walker, whilst I have been diagnosed with ADHD and autism.
During our relationship, he improved his physical condition greatly, being able to set more steps and smash daily walking distance records pretty much every other day.
I however went from pretty outgoing and social to the complete opposite. I felt like I was becoming the shut-in I used to be in my teens. We went from spending hours talking about a single subject to me not being able to respond to a simple “how are you feeling,” because I simply did not have the answer to that question anymore.
In a series of texts exchanged today, I basically told him I needed to fix myself before I could devote myself to a partner. He complied with my wishes and wished me the very best. His final text stated that if I ever need support or someone to talk to, I could turn to him, no questions asked.
I feel pretty horrible, obviously, but I feel like this is for the best. I feel like I am simply not ready to co-exist with another person romantically yet. I have an appointment with my general practitioner tomorrow to discuss options for a psychiatrist. Earlier in the relationship, I was basically enrolled in a waiting list for a local mental health clinic, but got removed from the list because my health insurance couldn’t provide the funds to insure the costs for this year anymore.
TL;DR: had a decent relationship with a decent guy, but shot myself in the foot due to emotional and mental instability.
There’s not really a good or bad guy here. I’ve admittedly and unfortunately done more bad than good I, or so it feels right now. I will get over it, and I'm sure he will. I just hope he and I can stay friends so we can provide each other more good than bad times.
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2021.10.21 11:32 lord_nron We on trending bois

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2021.10.21 11:32 morganmonroe81 1967: Boeing 737 on its maiden flight between Seattle and Everett, WA

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2021.10.21 11:32 jacsarah [Xbox] [Summon Me] [Anywhere+DLC]

need 5 more sunlight medals for my platinum! let me help you with a boss or just some jolly co-op. :)
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2021.10.21 11:32 squaloluca23 Another reminder that this image also exists

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2021.10.21 11:32 IndividualSchedule When is Stella coming back? :(

Don´t get me wrong, I love everyone else there but it´s been two episodes and I freaking miss seeing her. It´s just not the same without her being around. But I guess no one knows the answer and Miranda wasn´t seen filming either.
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