Caught a water snake and he let me help him shed!

2021.09.25 03:05 TheBigHornedGoat Caught a water snake and he let me help him shed!

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2021.09.25 03:05 Spyire Minted My First Full Collection!

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2021.09.25 03:05 HowardJDuck Jim Banks: Joe Biden Skirting Own Taxes While Pushing for Higher Taxes on Americans

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2021.09.25 03:05 bagoparticles Axolotl Feast

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2021.09.25 03:05 wisconsinman69 [WTS] HRT upper/ MI Rail/vortex/red dot / at parts/ AK parts / VZ58 mags/5.45 AR mags /MRO mounts/Magpul(WI)

Alright here we go, my post rules, you have 30 min to pay if you call dibs if I don’t respond please honor the order in which dibs are placed. All dibs are for full asking, don’t dibs and then pm me to negotiate that’s not dibs. All dibs will take priority over pm offers. You must pay with PayPal F&F no notes/cash app/Venmo period unless you have 12 flair or more then you can cover the fees.if you send a note in payment I will refund it immediately this is for our protection to use these apps to conduct transactions. No trades At this time,Below are the goods good luck.
Magpul K2 grips Blk/OD/FDE $20 each shipped $55 for all 3 together
Magnetic pocket mag holder $5
Mckinnatec CZp10c w/ Olight mini appendix holster $8 ,$5 add on with any other purchase
Magpul MOE/CTR riser $12
RSG picatiny vert grip $8
Random 1/2-28 muzzle break $8,$5 add on
Stock AK poly grips $5 each,$8 together
Gun tech minimalistic stock $40
5.45 AR mags $40
UTG MRO lower 1/3 $12
Reptilla mro 1.93 mount $43
Primary arms slings $5 each $4 add on
FDE picatiny PTK grip $15
Hera Arms picatiny VFG missing nut $12
SLR MLOK vert Grip $35
Fortis shift MLOK $45
Vortex crossfire $65
Cheap 10” chopped quad rail $15 includes nut and mounting hardware
VZ58 mags with pouch $65
TWS dogleg rail with peep $135
HRT style upper build: Aero stripped upper with aero UPK installed,Giessle HRT rail, BA 11.5 barrel,Troy backup irons, inforce WMLX,sog Romeo 5, BCG is non branded aero, CH is Chinese radian knock off BCG and CH separate but can be included won’t sell BCG or CH individually don’t ask Completed upper with BCG/CH $750 Minus BCG/CH $675 Minus BCG/CH/WMLX $625 Minus BCG/CH/WMLX/Troy $575 Minus BCG/CH/WMLX/Troy/Romeo$550
Midwest Industries combat rail 14” MLok never used $170
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2021.09.25 03:05 Ryan-Britton Need rockets but don’t have tokens

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2021.09.25 03:05 Exastiken WATCH: New Zealand prime minister calls COVID the 'ultimate disrupter'

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2021.09.25 03:05 Substantial-Aerie354 They fuck this lil nigga shit up

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2021.09.25 03:05 SadShayde Kendra

So I have a question: When Kendra is first introduced in "What's My Line" pts 1 and 2, she states very clearly to Giles that she bears no last name. So where did Young come from? Was it an add on in the novels that just became cannon?
Inquiring minds want to know.
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2021.09.25 03:05 wizardbynight Guys, this plastic piece came out of this controller and I don’t know where it goes?

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2021.09.25 03:05 livewallpaperworld I’m just going to leave this here...

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2021.09.25 03:05 HowardJDuck St. Louis Paper: Bull Connor 'Would Be Proud' of Police Officers in Viral K-9 Biting Video

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2021.09.25 03:05 Cheshire_Hancock Advice on handling social anxiety, executive dysfunction, and guilt while seeking mental health help

So this is a bit of a story and I've been making posts on a few subs trying to sort out my feelings and finally feel calm enough to ask for specific advice. To make a long story short, after yet another failed cycle of feeling better, setting a new schedule, and re-evaluating, I know I need help. I know I can't do this alone. I'm 23 and living with my dad who has been amazing, and I feel so guilty asking him for even more help when he's been so kind and patient with me, I also feel incredibly self-conscious about how I may come off to him asking for even more help, but I can't afford to seek care on my own because I live in the US and am dependent on him (someone with a sizeable income, not rich but certainly not in need, he works in cybersecurity and is good at what he does, at least based on what he's told me about how he could easily pick up and move companies if he wanted to) so I don't think I would qualify for assistance programs based on need, and even if I do, I think I'd feel more guilty because those programs have such limited resources already and if I have another way, I have to take it, not to mention how they'd probably be harder for me with my executive function issues.
I highly suspect I'm autistic and/or have ADHD, but can't be sure without a diagnosis, and whatever is going on in my brain is severely impacting my ability to get a job because when I try to apply for jobs, it feels like I'm trying to build a bridge with no nails, screws, or anything of the like. It's not that I don't want to or that I'm being lazy, I desperately want to get a job and progress in my life, and that's why I need to seek help and get a diagnosis, not for pity or an excuse, I don't want pity or someone to just wave off what I'm doing because "oh it's just their ADHD/w/e", I want help, I want to be able to deal with this stuff not just sit with it. But the first step seems to have to be asking my dad to help me get a diagnosis and some form of help with whatever it is that's preventing me from doing what I need to do. And that is what I can't bring myself to do.
Every time I try, it feels like I physically can't speak or my finger just won't move to hit the send button no matter how hard I try. I overthink the words and my ability to communicate just cuts out completely, plus I have trouble even pushing myself to try to do it because part of my brain always has a reason why I shouldn't ("he seems really busy lately", "Christmas is in just a few short months and then the end of the year so maybe do it between those two rather than now, he'll be less busy so I'll feel like less of a bother", "he's with his gf, I can't do it now, that would bother him when he's trying to relax", "he would call me over to talk verbally about it and I know I will choke up") and I have no idea what to do about it. So please, give me advice on how to handle all of this if you have any. Texting or writing notes won't work, I've tried those and my finger won't hit send or I can't force myself to leave it somewhere for him. I would also like advice on how to word it, I always feel like my wording when I do type or write something out for him is either too much or sounds needy/entitled rather than being me just asking if he's willing to help me because he's the only one I know can help me and because he's mentioned potentially helping with therapy in the past.
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2021.09.25 03:05 MarslaneFromMars "The coinmaker" - Ban the Prospector, it is minting illegal coins over here.

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2021.09.25 03:05 HowardJDuck Florida Janitor Sentenced to 60 Years for Videotaping Students in High School Bathroom

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2021.09.25 03:05 Emily_Thomson Happy birthday Blathers

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2021.09.25 03:05 HowardJDuck Report: Brian Laundrie's Parents Shadowed by Undercover Agents on Way to Meet Attorney

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2021.09.25 03:05 plepsis board w/out the plate?

I'm about to build another Quefrency, and I'm considering skipping the plate. I'm wondering if anyone here has done this, how they felt the "feel" and sound were as a result? Thanks!
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2021.09.25 03:05 ViperNerd Anyone know? Located in South Carolina, midlands

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2021.09.25 03:05 Sky-b0y Tutorial is red hot trash But a necessary evil (Rant)

Hey there,

Before I lead into a rant. I wanna say I think the game looks like its gunna be alot of fun. I enjoy alot of this kinda wierd buggy T posey ps2 style early access feeling survival games.

So I saw the menu, Saw Tutorial and thought! YEAH, Im stupid at this. I should start here.
But fuck me. Ive had to take 5 or so breaks just to get to the teleport bit. Its a lesson in googling, trial and error and straight up patiance n peace of mind. Ive been close to refunding this game roughly 3 times and taken a break instead.
It really doesnt suck you in or hold your hand, Its just wall of text after wall of text, With the worlds vaugest ending. How can you have that much text and it end with "Make this". Ok how?!
Youve explained a brick essay of what the plan is, yet forgotton to actually lead me through any of the menus or describe even where to begin with this.

  1. There just needs to be clearer guidence, Or clearer visual aids, Or just clearer or cleaner menus/tabs. Atm, Its a cluster fuck of confusion of a billion tabs (Dont even get me started on the UI, Layout menus etc) Its horrible to a first time user, Endlessly overly complicated and it feels like its written by someone whos clearly good at the game. They need to watch a first time player, Just play through the tutorial without saying anything to really grasp the painful Hell that it is.
  2. Theres no explanation of really anything. Ive basically googled most steps as Its mindlessly vauge. In hindsight, It makes sense and is clearly obvious But thats just it. Its written with the power of hind sight.
  3. Traders. The traders are wild and hard to find. Ive spent a solid 20 minutes wondering around hunting the dynairuaiaruairm Trader and welp Guess Im lost again. Out cracks google once again but nothing. Infact the prior just sitting in the chair quest was painful af. It looked like the door was behind the fridge. So I spent 20 mins googling fridge glitches and another 20 mins angrily flying around trying to batter my way in and theres a sneaky fucking lil gap in the corners. Motherfuckkkerss.....
Equally first time I tried, I salvaged the damaged hover thing as I guess I was racing ahead. and spent 20 mins trying to figure out where or what Im meant to attach a fuel tank too, before I went through again all the tabs searching for a written log.

Theres more but im tired and this game has beaten me for the night. I have no fucking clue where to get dymanariumdum From and I just cba today. Maybe tomarrow me can be bothered looking for the worlds most obvious trader.

Itd be glad to help out make a clearer cleaner guide or menu system but this..For first timers is a huge off put and reminds me of really early 7 days or FTD
Anyway, Please dont murder me fans. This just needs making idiot proof for people like me.
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2021.09.25 03:05 KriminalMind Jaylon Johnson

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2021.09.25 03:05 HowardJDuck Memorial Visitation for Gabby Petito Will Be Open to Public

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2021.09.25 03:05 livewallpaperworld I’m just going to leave this here...

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2021.09.25 03:05 Joker2486 Hypothetically if I ever get pulled over would it be bad to give two of the same license?

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2021.09.25 03:05 Mooncaketimeline698 Could someone tell me what changed in the most recent patch or where I can find the patch notes?

I'm curious about what changed but don't know where to find out.
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