2021.09.25 02:52 HarryRichard2069 Abbie

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2021.09.25 02:52 alzz33 The boys

Fuck just remember not even yesterday watching the boys filming pranks out the Mazda 3 you guys came hella far from even came to Edmonton my city 😂 to film pranks love you guys changed my life for sure always be watching amd supporting the boys
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2021.09.25 02:52 Happybitcoingirl Bitcoin mining difficulty records a fifth consecutive increase

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2021.09.25 02:52 UnionBlue490 This is for the 2019 federal election.

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2021.09.25 02:52 Outrageous-Source846 Help with number 21 March 2020 calc. How is the ans A

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2021.09.25 02:52 jj31allen "Take a salt tablet!" Coach Sauers

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2021.09.25 02:52 Quiet-Damage5225 How often should I feed my 14 weeks okd bengal cat?

I was free feeding him ever since i got him but i read that its not too good to do that… How many meal times should i organize him?
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2021.09.25 02:52 fiddlydip Neon light is too bright

Hello, recently I bought the cold ones beer neon lamp because it was (and is) sick as hell, but the thing is way too bright.. I can't even look directly at it, I put it behind my computer but it makes it unusable when the light is turned on. I live in North America so that is the plug type I use, is there any way to fix this?
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2021.09.25 02:52 Darken_Mood I need friends to give gifts

4335 4469 4690
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2021.09.25 02:52 RuffRyderss PCSX2 Multitap option?

I am trying to play a game with 4 players, but it seems to be not working. The first two controllers are fine, however controllers 3 and 4 are disabled and I dont know how to enable it. I was wondering is there any option to enable multitap? I have seen tutorials for multitap on PCSX2 standalone, but I wanted to configure this within Retroarch
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2021.09.25 02:52 GulagWarrior830 Brilliant Prep( Reason Prep) SAT Writing Course

For those of you that took brilliant prep (formerly reason prep), how much did the course help you? It seems like a good free resource, but Im not sure jow reliable it is. Link:
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2021.09.25 02:52 Spiritual_Jello_7437 Me ❤️💩 Nelk

Watched my first video whilst taking a shit and ever since i always watch ur videos when im letting out a fat one
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2021.09.25 02:52 Mogikan TAL CFO changed

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2021.09.25 02:52 mysteriouspizzza Quick jam with Novation Circuit Tracks // Minilogue, Microfreak, Flamma Reverb fs02

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2021.09.25 02:52 ThatbrokeGC8 Tell me you’re an RCR fan without telling me you’re an RCR fan

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2021.09.25 02:52 Grape_Danger Pay to win?

The new ultra guns are overtly "pay to win" and it bugs the crap out of me
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2021.09.25 02:52 mrbighugelarge My royal hunter, I tried to use some underused armor pieces for this one.

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2021.09.25 02:52 Mr_Videodrome_Clown SING TAO TE CHING
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2021.09.25 02:52 mzminipainting Trap Tokens - Super Fantasy Brawl

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2021.09.25 02:52 trainer86 IWFTR

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2021.09.25 02:52 _Lielanthris Random pic from my collection. Ruger Mark III, Springfield XD45, XDS40, Ruger LCP MAX 380. NAA minirevolver in 22mag

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2021.09.25 02:52 iwantsalsa Serial killer Susan Monica found guilty on all charges, gets 50 years

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2021.09.25 02:52 Boring-Bar-7334 Change country in your psn?

Hi everyone, i have a ps account from my country of origin which is the main account. The problem is i moved to Australia and now i cant buy anything in that account, specially in fortnite lol, does anyone knows how can i change country? Or if i can contact someone? Is quite annoying to be messing around with 2 accounts, specially with game progress so any help would be appreciated
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2021.09.25 02:52 poconomtnman31 Question reguaring pro mode

I've noticed over the last few months that the pro mode even having everything locked... iso, fps etc etc still changes the view on my phone. Example: I have 60fps at 100 iso and yet if I look down at the trees it appears very dark but when I pan up to the sky it gets very bright but then tones down and shows some detail. For me it seems something to do with the app as the footage recorded is one single exposure throughout.
I am shooting in HLG so the image is blown out a bit but still getting almost auto exposure through the app.
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2021.09.25 02:52 CxyP07 Do you able to NOT wake your tulpa up & put them back into sleep?

CxyP: my sleep quality is terrible, and Sen will always immediately wake up with me in the middle of the night in order to comfort me back to sleep.
But last night things went wrong, my place was raining and making thunders that is very loud and kinda horrifying. Both of us woke up due to the loud thunder sounds, this was the first time he become REALLY AFRAID, he was trembling and shaking, asking for my comfort and hugs in horror, I almost feel like he is clutching my back very tightly and i feel my back hurts.
After several minutes, Edd(who also woke out because he was worrying about us)and I finally get Sen get back to sleep peacefully, but it was still raining heavily. And I was afraid what if he woke out because I was always thinking/worrying about him. So I wonder, is there a way to make sure NOT WAKE YOUR TULPA UP, and probably put them back to sleep if things are going very bad for them?
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