Elephant n Castle - London

2021.09.25 03:00 DrCryptolite Elephant n Castle - London

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2021.09.25 03:00 darlababy Decided to listen to Morbid after about 6 months of not listening to them anymore cause I was bored.

And wow I can’t believe how long Alaina’s episode are now. I just listened to the John Edward Robinson episode, which I didn’t finish yet because it is just so much and requires so much effort to listen to. I feel like it could have been a two parter. A lot of information was repeated and a lot of unnecessary details and going off on tangents and things off topic lol. I think ash’s episodes are better.
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2021.09.25 03:00 MrGodless Just look at the marbling on these shortribs!

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2021.09.25 03:00 serialwanker10 KYLE. PLEASE GET YOUR EYEBROWS WAXED

Need it badly bro. Will make you look cleaner.
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2021.09.25 03:00 Throwawayniceguys Daily Suzu #499: Jazzercize with Daru Ended in Tragedy Today...

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2021.09.25 03:00 marcosvqzz any old or “vintage” photos of raleigh?

specifically photos of south central raleigh
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2021.09.25 03:00 Bbmp1238 Bulk progress ( any critiques)

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2021.09.25 03:00 Typical-Technician-9 Chilling after grinding in Valencia!

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2021.09.25 03:00 bombcityblog 10 years ago this Sunday!

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2021.09.25 03:00 GrowingTogether Who's getting the Mavic 3 when it is released next month?

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2021.09.25 03:00 TinderForMidgets [Game Thread] UNLV @ Fresno State (10:00PM ET)

GAME UNLVUNLV @ Fresno StateFresno State
Location Fresno State Bulldog Stadium (CA)
Time 10:00PM ET ¦ 7:00PM PT
Odds Spread: Fresno State -30.5 - OveUnder: 58.5
Flair ¦ Discord ¦ /CFB Book
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2021.09.25 03:00 Twentysix2 Custom bottle cage to fit extra tall 1L bike water bottle

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2021.09.25 03:00 throwaway__895736251 girlfriend feeling threatened by my pseudo sister

Throwaway because the people in this know my main.
I (21m) have been dating my girlfriend (20f), who we’ll call M, for three months. We’ve had a lovely relationship so far and I hope we can get past this bump. I have a best friend (21f) called J who I’ve known for my entire life.
Me and J have always been platonic as she is the closest thing to a sister that I have. We are flatmates and have lived together for three years. J’s girlfriend (21f) lives with her parents but comes over four times a week.
Me, J, M, and a few of my friends were over at our flat in the morning eating breakfast. We were eating some kind of cereal that has the little toys inside of it. In the box was a ring toy. I took the ring out of the box, faced J, got one one knee, and said in a dramatic Shakespearian accent: “lovely ladyth, wouldth doth marry I.” (I knew it would make J, and english major, laugh) M did not like this. She stood up, shoved her bowl away and walked to our room. I noticed that she looked angry, so I followed her back to our room and asked her what was wrong. She started crying and saying that it makes her uncomfortable when I act so affectionately towards another woman when I’m only supposed to care about her. I hugged her and told her that I do care about her and my jokes to J are as far from romantic as anything. She pushed me away and told me that I have to cut J out of my life if I want to stay with her because she feels threatened by her. That was last night.
Obviously, cutting J out of my life is unreasonable. But, I was wondering if I was an asshole for being so affectionate with J in front of M.
EDIT: I forgot to mention that J is in the process of being adopted by my parents. I introduce her as my sister and she introduces me as her brother. Also, our favorite game as children was like a ‘knights and princesses’ kind of thing, so it’s not uncommon for me to call her ‘my fair lady’ or ‘my liege’ M knows that we consider each other siblings and that J is gay and has no interest in men.
repost from AmITheAsshole
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2021.09.25 03:00 Krystalowo It's confirmed everyone hates me

I just spent 3 dollars to go to my schools games just to be told buy everyone I know they hate me, I left there and nearly crashed a few times on the way home, I'm now in bed crying wishing I was dead, everyone has left me, from my closest friends on discord to anyone I had know irl, I wish I was dead.
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2021.09.25 03:00 meaniemuncher Septum & Movement

Hi all,
I got my septum pierced on Tuesday. Love it. My nose is still numb, but at least it doesn’t hurt. I have a question about movement—is it okay to make facial expressions that move my nose (so I can feel it when I move my face)? And is it okay to tilt my head forward, back, and to the side (i feel the jewelry move)? I know people say septum’s are forgiving but I’ve only had ear piercings where there isn’t this much mobility.
I might be neurotic but I’m a very bad healer despite my best efforts and I want this to go as smoothly as possible. Thank you!
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2021.09.25 03:00 Soles_N_Stilettos I’m ready for my foot massage

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2021.09.25 03:00 MinnesotaCommie Rap music in CSA - hear me out

This is something I’ve been thinking about lately. So, basically - rap music originated in America, specifically in the Bronx in NYC, before spreading to other large cities, notably Los Angeles, in the late 70s/early 80s. It was primarily an outlet for African Americans in those cities suffering from urban decay/poverty/racism/etc.
Lets assume the CSA wins the civil war and goes the Elizabeth Gurley Flynn route, establishing a stable, socialist society that lasts to the modern day. The issues of racism, segregation, and urban decay that led to the rise of hip-hop OTL would be present, at least not to the same extent/in the same way(s)
Is it safe to assume that, in a CSA timeline, hip-hop music would not exist?
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2021.09.25 03:00 R42ToMoffat Sabrina Carpenter

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2021.09.25 03:00 BroMandi COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer with 13 Cooking Functions - $109.99 + FS with Prime [Deal Price: $109.99]

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2021.09.25 03:00 Greedy_Limit_9657 Twin almost scammed me for some undercover Jeans for 550! SMH Bruce you gotta be a better influence!!

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2021.09.25 03:00 consistency16 Should I get involved in a pyramid scheme opportunity for job experience ?

Hi guys. I'm a 22 year old student trying to become a dietitian. I currently have no experiences relating to nutrition, which was getting me anxious for a while. This is because I've read up a lot of things about having experience relating to this field as almost a requirement if you want to become a dietitian in the future. So I was looking around, and I got told about this 'business opportunity' by Herbalife nutrition. I quickly caught something fishy about it - I had to pay a starting fee to become part of their team, and my income opportunity would be from attracting other people to sign up with Herbalife etc..
But I went along and paid for it and agreed. I thought, although it isn't ideal, it can be an experience that I can talk about in the future which relates to nutrition - that of which I've been looking for such a long time (it's hard to get experience without a degree, as I'm still in my undergraduate program for dietetics). Now, the more and more I read up about it, it seems to have a negative stigma around it. So I'm conflicted on what to do. Is this a valuable opportunity and should I stay?
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2021.09.25 03:00 vk6flab [OC] The sun shines on our hobby in unexpected ways. - Foundations of Amateur Radio [Episode 329]

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2021.09.25 03:00 Doblast Introducing myself into RTA

Introducing myself into RTA As title said, I've been playing RTA recently and I need some tips about what units to use, I curently have "builded" Arby, Straze, Roozid SC, W.Schuri and some irrelevant ones more. I was working recently get SC Carrot and A.Ras, and working on Kluri SC (almost done). So what units should I level up and what kind ok playstile should I play for at begining?
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2021.09.25 03:00 Savannimal ISO cannabis doily pattern

I have found a regular knit/pearl dishrag pattern with a cannabis leaf but my poor mind has ideas of a grand cannabis lace doily pattern just beyond my reach?? Does anyone know of such a thing or is the world waiting for it to be created?
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2021.09.25 03:00 vk6flab [OC] The sun shines on our hobby in unexpected ways.

When you begin your amateur radio journey, one of the first things you learn about that's not directly involved with radios and antennas is the ionosphere and its impact on long distance communications. Immediately after that you are more likely that not to be introduced to the biggest plasma experiment in our backyard, the Sun.
With that introduction comes information about solar flares, solar flux, sunspots, geomagnetic storms, coronal mass ejections as well as the solar cycle, the solar index and associated propagation forecasts.
Before I dig further, I will point out that I'm mentioning this with the ultimate aim for you to get on air and make noise, so fasten your seat-belt and let's go for a ride.
The Sun is big. If it was hollow, it could fit more than a million Earths inside. The Sun accounts for 99.8% of the total mass of our entire solar system. About 73% of the Sun's mass is hydrogen, about 25% is helium and the rest, about 1.69% is made up of all the other heavier elements, both gasses and metals, which add up to around 5628 times the mass of Earth.
The Sun rotates. Counter-clockwise. Since it's mostly plasma, it doesn't rotate like Earth does. The equator takes about 24 days, the poles around 35 days and because its rotating on an angle of about 7.25 degrees from Earth's rotation axis, we get to see more of the solar north pole in September and more of the solar south pole in March.
Earth orbits the Sun in a year, but it's not a circular orbit. We're closest to the Sun in December and furthest from the Sun in June. It takes about eight minutes and 19 seconds for a photon leaving the Sun to reach Earth, but that same photon can take between 40,000 and 170,000 years to travel from the core where two atoms were heated and compressed to fuse into a new element releasing a photon and heat. It takes this long because the photon keeps bumping into other atoms along the way. While we're at it, consuming about 4 million tons of hydrogen per second, the Sun will take another 5 billion years to consume all the available hydrogen.
Whilst we experience the Sun as a source of light on a daily basis, as a radio amateur you know that light is just one tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It should come as no surprise that the Sun is radiating across all frequencies all the time, only some of which is visible to our naked eye.
As an aside, it's interesting to note that our eyes are essentially translating light into electricity, or said differently, your eye converts radio spectrum into electricity, something which your radio antenna also does.
Back to the Sun.
I'm highlighting this level of solar complexity because there's so much talk about the A index, the K index, the SFI, the solar cycle and propagation by experts and amateurs that it's easy to hide behind those numbers and think that a low A between 1 and 6, a low K of 0 or 1 with an SFI above 100 will give you the propagation you're looking for.
If you think for a moment that the weather forecaster has a difficult job accurately telling you if you need to postpone your outdoor activation because of rain or snow, then you can begin to understand just how complex the interplay between the Sun and our ionosphere is. And I haven't even mentioned that the ionosphere isn't static either.
It's important to remember that the cute little weather icons you see on the TV news are just as much an indicator of expected weather as the A, K and SFI numbers are for the Sun and its impact on radio propagation. They give you an idea of what might happen, but it doesn't mean that on any given day something completely random and isolated happens that just affects your station and the path that a radio signal took from your antenna to that other rare DX station.
Just like it would be smart to take an umbrella with you when there's rain forecast, it's also smart to consider the bands you want to operate next time you go on air with a particular solar forecast, but just because it might rain, doesn't mean you're guaranteed to get wet.
So, in other words, wait for it, get on air and make some noise!
I'm Onno VK6FLAB
TL;DR This is the transcript of the weekly 'Foundations of Amateur Radio' podcast - for other episodes, see http://vk6flab.com/
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