GIVE ME MY [[Dealmaker]] BACK!

2021.10.21 10:39 sultanorang8 GIVE ME MY [[Dealmaker]] BACK!

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2021.10.21 10:39 l_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_l (+8132) Are you kidding me human, put some muscle into it

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2021.10.21 10:39 AngeliaWalton [Hiring] Apply Now: Primo's MX Kitchen & Lounge - Hillcrest - Host in Dallas

Apply here
We are hiring, Apply Now: Primo's MX Kitchen & Lounge - Hillcrest - Host inTexas, Dallas for Primo's MX Kitchen & Lounge - Hillcrest
Apply here
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2021.10.21 10:39 PrintYourPupper Will this OTK combo work?

Hi guys,
First time posting here, thanks in advance!
I was just wondering if I am correct in thinking that Through the Breach + Blightsteel Colossus is a OTK combo? (Assuming opponent is attacked directly). Or am I missing something?
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2021.10.21 10:39 DRTSLD 4 days post

Had my vasectomy done on the 17th. Single incision. No Valium before. Took about 15 minutes. The procedure wasn’t bad at all, all I felt was a little tugging, but it wasn’t bad. The numbing though…. That was gnarly. Felt like getting kicked in the nuts but with a sharp pain added. Fun stuff. Immediately got dressed and walked out. Honestly the worst part was how cold that damn room was and being practically completely naked spread Eagle for the spectators. The procedure was more awkward than painful.
Got home and pretty much laid on the couch and iced all day while trying to keep my kids off me. Day 1 mostly had pain that felt like a cut. 1/10 pain not bad. Walking was like a 3/10
Day 2 I felt pretty good. Almost no pain walking or sitting. Iced all day moved around a little more.
Day 3 a little swelling and a little bruising but not bad, aches in my nuts all day. 2/10
Today’s day 4 and I’m going back to work. I’m a fireman so I’m a little nervous about it, but I plan to spend most my time with my feet up and icing unless I’m on a call.
I’m still oozing blood from the incision site. Looking forward to that being done. So far it hasn’t been so bad, but I’m going crazy already wanting to get back to normal and working out. Mainly posting this here because my wife’s tired of hearing me talk about it haha.
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2021.10.21 10:39 Large-Willow-3330 Gonna leave this here for the PROGGERS 🐸

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2021.10.21 10:39 CupcakeNoCherry How to receive payment from abroad for people unfamiliar with crypto nor Paypal?.

I'm African and most western payment option isn't available to us. How do we receive payment for our services.
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2021.10.21 10:39 shuikan Is the 00 commando redone compatible with the CaliberX mod?

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2021.10.21 10:39 jmarkys Crazy Thick

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2021.10.21 10:39 CRYPTOsauceNews Buy The Dip, Bitcoin Pulls Back From All-Time Highs -

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2021.10.21 10:39 averageartist_ We are out of coffee :(

We are out of coffee and I can't imagine the next hour of my life. Man this is so sad, plus grocery day is Monday!
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2021.10.21 10:39 Many_Sun5646 For those who have a green series 7

I didn’t get the chance to see it in real life, is it green green or slightly green ?, i want it maybe with a black band to fit all my clothes and almost all colored watch faces, what do you think should i get it ?
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2021.10.21 10:39 GlizzyGobler556 Anyone have a lucky jewel 4 sale?

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2021.10.21 10:39 No_Refuse3267 I feel like i cannot deal with this

It's going to be a long post so appreciate if you take your time to read through.
I'm M23. I don't have any close friends, the ones I have I can't connect with them as I truly want. I have never had a proper girlfriend. I only had sex with one person. I feel like I can't enjoy my life. I'm literally crawling for a touch or to be with someone dear. I can't continue like this until I die. I can't accept that I will be 40+years old with no one and not a single happy moment in my life and I can still carry on. NO! I won't carry on like this. Of course, I give it a go for a couple of years, but this is unacceptable, I can't struggle through my life and waste all those beautiful years. I live a sad and miserable life where i can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I found myself in a FWB with a married woman. I strongly opposed the idea as it's wrong on so many levels and I knew it will end badly. I was weak and she convinced me during long months of flirting. We both caught feelings after a few months. She is in a sexless marriage and she doesn't get the attention she needs. That's why she had a similar story in the past, she had another affair. Turns out she lied to me about her previous FWB as she denied it, but I found out and I had clues and she confessed. I was upset about the lack of honesty. We continued and eventually when I'm with her I really don't care about her past, I just enjoyed the happiness and the experience I needed for so long. She deeply regrets every bad thing she has done to me as her love is true according to her. I opened up for her like for nobody before, she knew my deepest thoughts and feelings. Fast forward to now. She moved country with her husband, planning her life, possibly to have kids and house and business. Probably she hopes to get away with all this shit and just continue living her best life. Happy life. She doesn't want me, she chooses this path and throws me away. It feels awfully depressing for me, especially because she expressed how much she loves me and we don't have any other options but to go apart. I believe there are other options, without hurting others, if she truly feels for me and wants to be with me. But I feel like in being played with, not taken seriously and not being good enough. I'm surely not good enough, otherwise she would choose me, right? It's been months now, I still feel like on day 0, like the last piece of shit on Earth, i've never been so unhappy, disappointed, depressed and hopeless in my life. And i had my heart broken, I was always laughed at and not taken seriously. Yet this feels 100x worse than anything. I truly loved her. If she chooses this fate for me and played this out and expects to get away with it, I really feel I should tell her SO. Not to destroy lives, but to satisfy my morals and to bring things to an equal level. This would be the right thing, I always valued honesty. If I'm happy, she should be happy, if the world is over for me it should be over for her. Her SO should know she cheated at least 2 times for years. This would make me feel okay, its not better for me, its definitely worse for a lot of people, but at least this is the truth and fair. But I don't have the courage to do this yet, so it's only theoretical, so don't assume right away that I'm a huge douche because hurting her is not my desire.
There are a very few people in my life whom I don't want to make sad and broken. Otherwise I would know what to do now.
It's just so fucking hard to accept this life and to accept that's it for me, this is my share from life. It's consuming me. I feel like I'm not entitled to love, to have emotions, to have sex, to enjoy life, to have dreams. All of my dreams are taken from me and everything seems unreachable for me. Yet I only want to be a little happy, have someone with me who understands me and who I can love and enjoy life with.
Redditors, what is the fair thing, what is the best path here? Me letting her go and keeping my mouth shut and continue to struggle with my life, and crave for someone through my life? Or she should be courageous and speak up about her feelings and needs? Or me making the decision to be fair and tell the truth? Maybe other options?
It wouldn't be too late for her to decide she needs something else in her life. She's 30, no kids, no nothing basically.
Probably this story is a complete mess, If you have any questions feel free to ask, as I know it's hard to understand based on this short writing.
What I really want to ask, how the hell I carry on and accept my fate if I feel exhausted, lonely and abandoned and I don't see any bright future in my life?
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2021.10.21 10:39 The-Techie Deal: Stripe Buys Indian Fintech Startup Recko

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2021.10.21 10:39 wingedpromise Need help with Kindle & Goodreads!

Hey, new here. Not even totally sure if this is the right forum. I searched the forum but didn't find anything that seemed pertinent to this issue so figured it couldn't hurt to ask.
I have scoured google, kindle support, and goodreads support for an answer but to no avail.
I have some ebooks that are not bought from the kindle store, so I had to load them direct into my kindle by way of windows file explorer. Not a problem there. Works just fine.
What the issue is, is that when I mark it as read in my Ki dle library, kindle gives a pop up that asks if I want to add it to my read books in goodreads. My goodreads account is connected and logged in on my Kindle (I have the fire hd10). But when I click yes, it tells me there's an error and it can't.
Anyone have any ideas why or maybe even solutions?
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2021.10.21 10:39 vardonir [Mobile Java game][2000s] Top-down puzzle/adventure-style game featuring an archeologist dad looking to help his sick daughter and also zombies

I can't remember the model of my phone exactly, but it was a Sony Ericsson, probably a k310 or j210 (nub in the middle, square screen, candybar style).
I think the game was split into two-three parts. I remember that it had a pretty good story, hence why I'm looking for it. The main character mostly used guns. Can't really remember much beyond that.
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2021.10.21 10:39 FunnyDickforAllBody An invitation for Nudists

Hi, Let me tell about me first.
I'm social nudist, usually in warm weather I prefer to not wear indoor, and same while with nature or social gathering outdoor.
I'm into traveling, hiking, lawn tennis, scuba, body painting and video games.
I'm posting here to find nudist fellows in India. After my previous post about 3-4 months ago, found wonderful family around New Delhi. And now willing to expend nudist circle further without location limitations.
Families and couples will be preferred. loving, charming and bubbly souls are add on.
If you understand only Hindi, then too, feel free to connect. Language is not a barrier.
DM is open for you!
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2021.10.21 10:39 Smallminionboy My flippa clip just broke

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2021.10.21 10:39 punx926 If you could pull the plug on a coin what would it be ?

We tend to always focus on which coins we believe in and which ones were excited about investing in, thought I’d take a bit of an opposite approach and see which projects/coins people have come to despise or are sick of hearing about ... or would start a petition to get rid of lol... just for fun
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2021.10.21 10:39 AsitAdkarYT I see a pattern here......

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2021.10.21 10:39 meetpie WCGW lying down on a ping pong table

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2021.10.21 10:39 Saturn8theson myositis

Our 3.5 year old Golden Retriever Jayne was diagnosed with Myositis by our vet. We are giving her prednisone, half a pill a day. Her jaw was droopy a few months back, but it came back to normal after a few weeks. Now her head muscles have disappeared. Curious, will the prednisone assist? Anything else I should be aware of? She is not lethargic, eating and drinking fine and still doing all our exercise. Even with droopy jaw in August, not lethargic.
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2021.10.21 10:39 Putrid_Cake8141 You'll never receive this letter

I don't think you even know this subreddit exists. You're not pathetic enough to know. You probably have no clue what's going on in my head. You wouldn't believe how often I scroll this subreddit just to feel like someone understands what I'm going through. You're probably fine and rarely even think about me.
When I met you I really liked you. I wanted to be your friend - I thought we were so similar. But even a friendship with you felt so wrong from the beginning. It just wasn't right, he wasn't comfortable with it. Remember how mean you were to me back then? But then why were you like 50% nice to me? You were something forbidden, but double. I developed a crush on you.
I tried to stop talking to you, but I was so lonely. You were the only one who could understand the struggles I was going through. You probably thought I was obsessed and crazy.
Then we went to the same school together. I didn't know you applied there. Do you ever think about the fall? Do you remember that time when we were in the library? That's my favorite memory of you. It wasn't anything special, I just liked your company. It felt like you cared. I felt like I mattered. But then you became distant.
Winter came, and I had a few hardships. I wish you would have asked me how I was doing. Every day I held back tears. I missed you and was freaking out about everything in my personal life. You know who helped me, made me smile? Strangers. Even strangers cared about me more than you.
Then the girl asked me to join the party. You don't even have a clue how much it hurt to see you with her. I wanted to die. It took so long to recover from that. Every time I think of you, I see you with her.
Then you confronted me about being distant. I told you how you abandoned me. You said you didn't notice. Then you added me to a group chat so that you wouldn't have to actually talk to me. You call that a friendship? Why didn't you just say you want nothing to do with me? I would've been fine, I wouldn't have been left wondering.
And now after being basically silent for like a year, you invite me to a party? With them? With her? Why? So you could abandon me again and go hump her? Does that make you feel good?
Some days I miss you, other days I hate you. I don't think I have the right to either of those feelings, but I can't really control them. I want a closure, but I don't know how to get that, as I can't trust you enough to open up to you. I'm trapped inside my own mind, and the only way out is talking to you. But talking to you could also ruin everything.
I don't want to be with you. I just want closure. I don't even know what kind of a closure I expect. I guess I need you to know how much you've hurted me. I need you to know we'll never be friends. I don't ever want to look into your eyes again. I don't know if I really mean that.
I need to know your perspective on things, if you even have one. Sometimes I feel like you aren't really looking.
I feel so disgusted and embarrased with myself now, reading this letter I wrote.
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2021.10.21 10:39 oh_no_aliens Can you tell us what your favorite person place or thing is without actually telling us what it is?

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